Jo, Bodo Vespaciano…

(Foto propietat de FBC. Omnia Caelum Studios València)

Aquí us presento la història, o una de les històries de la meva vida…

Si, vaig ser Bodo Vespasià per molts anys … i ara ja sabeu un dels meus secrets.

La vida d’un artista no és com la vida dels altres, és una il·lusió que es va forjant pas a pas i poc a poc fins que s’acabi…

Per això vaig anar Bodo Vespaciano i ara, encara que m’he donat a conèixer com Francisco Bravo Cabrera, tot i segueix viu l’esperit i l’art de Bodo en el meu.

Espero que us agradi aquest vídeo i també espero els vostres comentaris. Gràcies i una abraçada de València…

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A Poem for the Middle of the Week (Thursday): “April”

(Original Art Digital by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Winding roads that flow like streams

of boiling water,

so quietly they seem,

yet as strange as children’s dreams.

Images of leaves and flowers float on by,

as do the echoes of old winter songs,

and everything that they had longed

for turns into a piece of something

floating by…

Winding streams now look like roads on ancient maps.

No winding water, it’s just plastic,

that bleeds upon the gentle skin of our green Earth

like menstrual cycles,

that make life impossible and inversely quite possible,

in time.


all in time…

Winding through a maze of asphalt and of water

dark with tar,

and seeking April,

as some are seeking love.

Seeking sunshine,

like a golden dove

that flies in springtime

over a cloudy sea,

while we wait for lazy summers,

you and me…

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 29 APR 2021, Valencia, Spain

Tuesdays Tunes Part Two: “Freddie’s Dead”, Curtis Mayfield

Freddie´s dead superfly ost by Curtis Mayfield, SP with madeinspain -  Ref:115935731
(Dimisit 1972)

Carmina, quae una cum dicta quaedam de genere amet “Black exploitation films”. Et per scripta, Curtis Mayfield, in IV de pluribus North American charts canticum pervenit. Hoc est a album vocatur Superfly. Semper mihi fuisse divum cura est de genere facta est “soul-funk” primis annis 1970. Ego pars, quae fabulosa est vel a rerum multarum musicians rock, exempli gratia, The Rolling Stones In Canticum “Heartbreaker” a album Goat’s Head Soup de 1973. nisi forte, quia nemo potest esse quod certissimi.

Videamus ergo si estis lecta sint et intellecta, et si tibi dic mihi quid…


Tuesdays Tunes: “Isn’t Life Strange” The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues - Isn't Life Strange -
(Released 21 APR 1972)

That year, and from the same album Seventh Sojourn, the Moodies also released “I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band”. A great tune as well, but “Isn’t Life Strange” for me was far superior in many ways, not just because it was based upon “Pachelbel’s Cannon in D”. But because it made a definitive statement on life, that it’s strange…

And life can be strange if we just choose to exist, or live, because we breathe…

Life is much more than the chemical and physiological reactions that take place in our bodies and we are much more than the handful of compounds that form us…

But I know that is something personal and for each one of you to decide. I only ask this…once you’ve heard the song…that you tell me what you think of this life. Is it strange? Is it something else? Is it just a series of chemical, physical, biological and random reactions? Or is it part of a master plan?

The Moody Blues à écouter ou acheter sur Amazon Music dès maintenant

The Moody Blues were…and still are…the premiere English progressive band. They are from Birmingham and formed in 1964, so yes, they are pretty old. But in music the old ones are the good ones. I am not downplaying the new and young ones but the pioneers are far superior and now we’ve mostly imitators and bad ones at that. We’ve “entertainers” and not rock stars any more. Yet, when it comes to good music, everyone still falls back on what was invented, developed, crafted and made into art back in the 1960’s and 1970’s…

Fechas de giras, entradas para conciertos y retransmisiones en directo de The  Moody Blues

Just to prove that, I will leave you with a video of The Moody Blues performing at The Royal Albert Hall in London. If you feel the motivational pull, let yourself listen to this concert and you will realise that true genius in music is what the composer/arranger/musician brings forth on stage, just standing there doing his art, without dancing around…

Don’t forget to read, to look, to listen and to tell me your part of this story…