1. arteurbanolanzarote · March 30

    Es muy buena vista y perspectiva de ese cielo con sol teñido

  2. luisa zambrotta · March 30

    Have a nice day!
    The image is gorgeous 💜

  3. spwilcen · March 30

    Ah, we know this place thanks to your frequent visits with pictures. Our thanks to your Miami correspondent.

    • Yes, I thank her too, SP. Mayra is a wonderful photographer and a great collaborator to OCBlogs…thank you so much! Hope all’s well my friend,

  4. janetsm · March 30

    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Francisco.

  5. azurea20 · April 1

    Bonita imagen. Buen día.

  6. equipsblog · April 2

    Gorgeous picture. Hope to see something comparable while in Key West.

    • Thank you. You will, for sure when you get to Key West go to the sunset dock and the scenery will be magical…

  7. equipsblog · April 2

    The sunset dock is wonderful–lots of street entertainers. My only complaint is the private island just west of the sunset dock that blocked the place where the sun actually set when we were there.

    • Yes, you’re right about that…always there has to be something in the way of absolute beauty…enjoy KW!

  8. equipsblog · April 3

    Thanks. Too true on something in the way.

  9. markbierman · April 3

    Beauty shot.

  10. marie910 · April 22

    Una imagen maravillosa.

  11. NAND KISHORE SINGH · April 25


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