Weekend Artists Series, Part 3: “TOP 5 MOST EXPENSIVE PAINTINGS by Living Artists…

Rabbit by Jeff Koons — a chance to own the controversy | Christie's
(“Rabbit” by Jeff Koons)

Here it is. Incredible, but oh, so true! I hope to hear from you on this one. And I would really appreciate if you give the video a look and a like, it would help a lot in placing better on the search engine. After all, the idea is to spread news, knowledge and love of art…

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  1. spwilcen · March 28

    None of the featured artists struck me as exceptional, though I can say nothing against their work. I will say I believe anyone who pays that kind of money for art (any art) is an idiot. That kind of money could do amazing things, solve terrible problems. We humans are one of the least intelligent life forms. Thank you for this interesting post. SP

    • That line says it all: “We humans are one of the least intelligent life forms…” Thank you for your time my friend, I quite appreciate it. And I agree, one hundred percent!

  2. Brad Osborne · March 28

    Sad! 😕

  3. Easymalc · March 28

    I’ve yet to see anything done by Jeff Koons that I actually like, let alone pay that sort of money for. David Hockney is another artist that underwhelms me. I paid a visit to Salts Mills in Saltaire (Yorkshire) once where there a large number of his paintings on display. He comes from the area and it was good to see that he hasn’t forgot his roots, but the mill impressed me far more than his paintings.

    • Yes, it is a mystery to me as to why anyone would pay 91 million euros for such a thing as “Rabbit”! But the others are a mystery to me as well because I can say that I liked the paintings but millions for them! No, absolutely not! Why these paintings have sold for such huge amounts is incredible even to some of their own creators for it is said that Richter played down his abstract works saying that they were just done by mixing colours randomly et cetera…

  4. Anna Waldherr · March 28

    I did like several of these pieces, though not to the extent of paying millions for them (LOL).

  5. azurea20 · March 28

    No conozco la obra de casi ninguno de los que muestras en el video, únicamente algo de Jeff Koons y lo que conozco de él no me dice nada. Ignoro de dónde le viene tanta fama. Nunca he entendido ese mundo del arte.
    Un saludo.

    • Bueno té diré que yo tampoco. Las obras de Jeff Koons son piezas de factoría, para mi no tienen valor alguno, pero hay gente para todo…

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