Journal Entry No. 13: WTF!!! This Was NOT My Miami Beach!

Spring break chaos in Miami Beach Video - ABC News
(Spring Break Chaos in Miami Beach, Florida USA)

Curfew in the city of Miami Beach…

(chaos in the streets of Miami Beach)

This could have been avoided. Had the mayor and the chief of police acted wisely, prudently and on behalf of the residents of Miami Beach, this mayhem, this riotous crowd could have been prevented from even arriving in the city. I was a resident of Miami Beach, and a property owner there for thirteen years and I saw how little by little, every year, things were getting worse and out of hand. It started with the Memorial Day weekend. Huge crowds of outsiders poured into “the Beach” as we called our city, not to buy, spend, relax and enjoy, but to destroy and cause millions in damages. Now the city has allowed this to happen in “spring break” and I will bet that most of these, like the ones above, are not even students!

The city has imposed a curfew that these people do not obey. They care little that there is a pandemic, that there are new rules in place or that people, decent, law-abiding people reside in Miami Beach. It is not a party town. It is a place of residence. I lament that the local authorities have not acted in time but I do applaud this measure. It is time that they send the message that Miami Beach is not a free-for-all. I just hope that with continuous arrests and closing down of the places where these “revellers” congregate that the city resumes its state of peace and order.

Here is the link to the latest article published in The Miami Herald, Miami’s local newspaper.

The only thing I can say is “INCREDIBLE!” That is not the city that I moved to in 1985 and where I bought property in 2005 and still have many friends. I feel sorry for what they must be going to when they step outside and run into this element roaming the streets and terrifying the local residents. And something must be done to stop this because this year, of all years, there is no spring break, the classes are online, so the whole year is a break…

What do you think?



  1. equipsblog · 29 Days Ago

    I agree with you. The lived there, know the neighborhood gives your voice an authenticity that an outsider’s voice does not. I am appalled and embarrassed how much the “it’s all about me” attitude has outstripped common sense, civility, and even a self-preservation instinct.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      I quite agree. Thanks so much! All the best to you,

      • equipsblog · 29 Days Ago

        I visited Miami Beach last year, the day after the Super Bowl and before COVID struck. Miami, especially on Monday, was very busy with probably lots of working girls strolling around but nobody was acting like an idiot or being irresponsibly exuberant.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

        You’re right. This started a few weeks ago and the city didn’t do anything about it and allowed it to come to this, to have to declare a state of emergency and impose a curfew…

  2. beth · 29 Days Ago


  3. It is disgraceful….*shaking head sadly*

  4. ourcrossings · 29 Days Ago

    I was quiet shocked to see that Miami Beach had to declared state of emergency due to spring break partying, how crazy is that? It was very sad to see that the crowd was not comprised of university students but adults looking to let loose in one of the few states fully open during the pandemic.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      Yes, I think so, and no, those are definitely not spring break university students! Thank you Aiva 😊

  5. spwilcen · 29 Days Ago

    Natural disasters: Floods in Australia, Volcanic eruption in Iceland, youth in Miami. All because of Glomal Warning, I figger. NSW, Reykjavik, Miami. Miami. Wow! Unruly bunch. Understand one or two the youth have been writing 6-8-6 Haiku, too. For shame! Good post, and I dunno what to tell you except in our striving to “accommodate” and not offend, we somewhere along the line went stupid. Be careful out there. SP

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      Yes we sure did SP. I was not shocked when my friends first told me this about 2 weeks ago because while living there I had seen the build up yearly from the Memorial Day weekends and all those hip hop urban weekends that ended with hundreds of arrests and millions in property damage. The mayor and commissioners are so corrupt there that they’ve no care for the residents. Had I not returned to Spain, and chosen to stay in the US, I would have still moved out of the Beach. Anyways these are street thugs, drug dealers and misfits, not students. We’ve had spring breaks before without the mayhem. Thanks SP, take good care and all the best,

  6. House of Heart · 29 Days Ago

    Welcome to Florida under the leadership of Ron DeSantis.

  7. House of Heart · 29 Days Ago

    DeSantis refuses to place any mandates in Florida, he does not wear a mask nor will he advise that people wear a mask. He is a greedy man who wants to replace Trump. Under his guidance Florida is nearing 34,000 dead from Covid, he is in Plant City this week with family tasting strawberries.

    • merrildsmith · 29 Days Ago

      I so agree, Rene!

      • House of Heart · 29 Days Ago

        It’s discouraging and infuriating. DeSantis is a Trump wannabe.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

        Most certainly! I am so glad I sold and left Miami Beach, I tell you Holly, although I always loved it there, no, I should say I loved it there during my first time living there, which was back in mid eighties, then again from 1997 to about 2007, then I saw the city start it’s downward spiral…

      • House of Heart · 29 Days Ago

        The entire nation has taken a downward spiral since 2016. I have a house on an island. Cant wait to go there 😊 take care be safe and happy.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

        You too Holly!

      • House of Heart · 29 Days Ago


    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      I have heard about that from my friends there, but I tell you Holly, this problem is strictly a Miami Beach problem and the least of the problems is that these crowds do not wear masks. They are creating mayhem and much destruction. They terrorise the residents and take over whole areas. They are there to sell drugs and to commit other felonies. I remember crowds like these coming for Memorial Day. The city has to get rid of them and never let them back in. The “entertainment district” in South Beach is no such thing. It is a crime ridden area where the only entertainment is selling drugs. These people do not belong in Miami Beach, with masks or without them. Thanks Holly and all the best, and yes, Desantis is a bloody Trump wanna-be and he should be voted out! All the best,

      • House of Heart · 29 Days Ago

        I live in Miami Beach, I work in Miami Beach , a nurse at Mt Sinai, I’m pretty up on what’s going on. South Beach, once a beautiful “entertainment “ area has become a haven for crime and out of control gangs since Hip Hop week a number of years ago.
        Florida has no COVID mitigation and people are dying in droves. That’s on the Governor. Thankfully the mayor is trying to shut down the rioters on the beach.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

        Yes the mayor is trying to shut down the rioters, but a bit too late. Why did he let them in? I lived in MB for 13 years and I know the destructiveness of Memorial Day weekend Hip Hop celebrations. That usually resulted in hundreds of arrests, shootings, stabbings, rapes, murders, robberies and every other crime in between. They let these people in and they think it’s a free for all. I had to work one of those weekends because the MBPD always called us MDPD, for reinforcement during those weekends as they have done now because some of my friends still on the force have told me. So you mix both things, COVID and rioting, what do you get? A horrible place to live for permanent residents. You know what Jimmy Morales (City Manager) said to me one day? That the city’s priority were the hotels because they paid higher taxes! I contacted the Herald and they would not touch it! The MB city government is corrupt, they have always been extremely corrupt. I remember the days of Alex Daoud, who ended up in prison. This Mayor Gelber should do so as well as far as I am concerned. And I know the Police Chief of MBPD and he’s a good man who would not have tolerated this, but I bet his hands were tied by city hall. All the best Holly and be careful, very careful with this situation.

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  9. Easymalc · 29 Days Ago

    I totally despair F. People these days think that freedom to do what they want want, where they want and when they want is democracy. The free western world is rapidly imploding under the weight of those who want to exploit those who think they know everything but know absolutely nothing.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      Very well said Malc, I fully agree with those words. Little by little they try to destroy and destroy. I’ve not seen it this bad, but when I was living in Miami Beach we suffered through many Memorial Day weekends (A US festivity celebrated on the weekend of the 31st of May yearly). Crowds like these would flock to the beach and we had to shelter in place. It’s not right but the city government is so corrupt that they think these crowds bring money, and they do not, they bring destruction. Thank you my friend and all the best,

      • Easymalc · 29 Days Ago

        If it’s any consolation we had another night of gratuitous violence in Bristol last night. I also blame much of it onto the mayor

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

        Yes, we saw that on the news this morning. It’s incredible! Bristol, Barcelona, Kassel, and now Miami Beach. Different reasons but mayhem nonetheless…

      • Easymalc · 29 Days Ago

        I’m thinking that it’s about time that the democratically elected majority should also start protesting.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

        You are right! But we never do. Now I hear that a protest was being done in Madrid, an illegal protest, again to free Hasel, the jailed rapper who was condemned, not for his songs, but for illegal threats that he made online to the King and the government and others. What the hell do these people think? That anyone can do as they please? Foolish people these days roaming our city streets…

      • Easymalc · 29 Days Ago

        God only knows where this is all going to end. Stay safe my friend and have a good night

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

        You too Malc 😊

  10. jonicaggiano · 29 Days Ago

    I guess I continue to remain speechless as things are still unfolding. My friend looks pretty wild. Hugs tucked away in NC but I love going to Miami. Love ❤️ Joni

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      Thank you Joni, it is disastrous from what my friends tell me and what they’ve been telling me for more than two weeks and now is when the mayor has decided to try to stop it. He could have stopped it when it was a dribble, now it is a flood…all the best from Spain my dear friend, love to you and your husband,

      • jonicaggiano · 29 Days Ago

        Anytime people start destroying property that people have worked hard to gain is very upsetting. They will have to arrest those who don’t follow their curfew rules. They are in place for a reason. I agree you have to nip things in the bud. A southern saying. Sending love, hugs, blessings and loads of flowers to you both. Hugs, Joni

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 28 Days Ago

        Thank you 😊 Joni very much ♥️🌹🌞

      • jonicaggiano · 28 Days Ago

        My pleasure you are so right. We lived in Seattle when the WTO met and they had a peaceful protest planned but all these people in mask started breaking windows to stores and created a horrible mess. I was waiting on the bud to get home from my job where lots of the destruction was occurring. It cost businesses a fortune. Totally unnecessary. 🤗❤️💕 You two have a great week.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 28 Days Ago

        Yes, it is horrible these events that are taking place in many cities of the world. Here in Europe protests in German cities against COVID restrictions, in Barcelona and Madrid in favour of a jailed rapper and in Miami Beach, supposed spring breakers going crazy all over town! It’s pure madness! I lived in Miami Beach, owned an apartment close to the water and loved it, until the city started welcoming the hip hop weekenders and encouraging “urban” weekends on Memorial Day, then the area began to get worse and worse. Not that there were no problems before, but they were our problems, these were people from the outside coming into our town to cause mayhem and danger to our citizens. During these recent disturbances there have been more than 1.000 arrests! And at least one young woman was raped and murdered in her hotel! There were probably many more cases we don’t know about. But you see the pics, you look at the crowds, those are not college students out on spring break! Those are thugs, drug dealers and common criminals! And spring break should not even occur in Miami Beach as classes are online, so the whole year is a spring break! Furthermore, there is a pandemic and none of those people were wearing masks and now Miami is the urban centre with the highest incidence of COVID in the US! I really feel for my friends who are still living there! Thank you Joni, and all the best,

  11. Brad Osborne · 29 Days Ago

    I agree with you, my friend. Nobody wants this mess outside in their neighborhoods. What a sad state of affairs we have allowed ourselves to fall into.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      Yes indeed my friend. I remember working one night during the Memorial Day weekend and it was like being in Baghdad…

  12. tiffanyarpdaleo · 28 Days Ago

    Florida has a pretty negative reputation even here in the states. Poor lawmaking and enforcing, and just plain dumb people, it’s awful.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 28 Days Ago

      Well, having been a “Floridian” for so many years, I cannot disagree with you Tiffany, but in defence of my homies, got to say that crowd is not from Miami Beach and maybe not from Florida at all…

  13. Mr. Perfect · 27 Days Ago

    The popular culture (especially popular black culture) has become very degenerate…..(most of this is thanks to the entertainment industry marketing people like Cardi B, 21 Savage, etc. glorifying sex for money, murder, and selling drugs).

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 27 Days Ago

      You are right. I quite agree. And I do not blame American Black people because I know that most of them do not approve of this new “black culture” and stay away from such happenings. However, black youths involved in this lifestyle are definitely part…a big part…of the problem. Thank you!

      • Mr. Perfect · 27 Days Ago

        I blame elders for not holding people accountable. Joe Biden should’ve caught flack for choosing to be interviewed by Cardi B.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 27 Days Ago

        I agree, people should be held accountable but we also must separate criminal element and criminal activity from music and other aspects of pop culture. The fact that pop music and other cultural aspects are used does not in itself make them bad or negative. However the examples given by the powers that be in Hollywood and the record/video industries do serve to wrongly influence young people. But believe me, a criminal is different. And the ones causing trouble in Miami Beach are the criminals, the others are just trying to act like kids bucking the system and doing other things they just might regret later…thank you. All the best

  14. azurea20 · 26 Days Ago

    Total descontrol y cero responsabilidad. Una pena. Saludo.

  15. markbierman · 26 Days Ago

    I saw the images in the news, what a shame. How many cases of COVID from this, plus the damage. 😦

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