1. margarethallfineart · March 6

    Very good choices!

  2. Brad Osborne · March 6

    I liked your three. My top three would be Rosa Bonheur, Julie Mehretu, Eva Navarro. Great post!

  3. beth · March 6

    I love the spider!

  4. PaperKutzs · March 6

    a spider this big is a thing of nightmares or maybe Alfred Hitchcock shows

  5. pensitivity101 · March 6

    You can keep the spider………………………

  6. azurea20 · March 6

    Me encanta la araña de Louise Bourgeois) , pero Leonora Carrington es mi favorita. Me encanta. Buen finde.

    • Sabes que aunque mi favorita sigue siendo Louise Bourgeoise, la obra de Leonora Carrington siempre me ha fascinado. Mil gracias Azurea y un abrazo,

  7. Easymalc · March 6

    Much to my shame I know very little about great female artists, so thank you for this post Francesc. I think that what little I know about her I would have to include Rosa Bonheur on my list, but then I’m struggling, but you’ve at least opened my eyes to some others. Another great post F.

    • Thank you Malc. I am certainly glad of bringing to your knowledge these four women, which are among the many that I admire and among those is Rosa Bonheur as well, which will be featured, no doubt, and which I have written about in the series. All the best to you my friend. As you can tell, it is 7p, wine time in Valencia, so I raise a glass of red wine and cheers!

  8. spwilcen · March 7

    You do prefer the abstract, do you not? I have no favorite women artists to share but of these here I would not find one to assume the title. Suspect we would need many bottles of good wine to discuss our preferences and interpretations of style and subject matter. Thank you once again for this ongoing education.

    • The idea of talking about these women artists, or about women in general over some bottles of wine sounds like a plan SP…I certainly appreciate your time and your visit my friend. Abstract art? I don’t fancy it but I do like creating it…
      All the best to you,

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