Tuesdays Tunes: “Cryin” Aerosmith

Alicia Silverstone in the video for Aerosmith's 'Cryin'. | Alicia  silverstone aerosmith, Alicia silverstone, Aerosmith
(Alicia Silverstone in the video for Aerosmith’s “Cryin” 1993)

Now this is a great song that I immediately loved. And the MTV (when they actually played music) video with Alicia Silverstone was a definite smash. The bluesy, rocker ballad, complete with great vocals, harmonies and brass section, came with a great guitar solo by Joe Perry and a haunting harmonica that follows the choruses and then splits off to fly solo marvellously. So this song had it all.

Aerosmith - Cryin - Jadwal Berita

For me at least it will always be a great memory of a great year. You know, as you look back, don’t you find years that are like milestones? For me years that end in three are like that. All the way back to 1973 when I graduated from HS, to 1983 when I became a detective, to 1993 when I produced my first musical theatre, to 2003 when I launched my professional art career with an exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey, of all places! Then 2013 brought me a new retired life-style. I wonder what 2023 will bring…

In any event, Aerosmith has not always been one of my favourite bands, but that year (1993) they did everything that I liked and “Cryin” as well as “Amazing”, their two top singles with great MTV videos, quickly became favourites of mine as well as their album Get a Grip.

So I hope this song brings some of you some good memories. To those who haven’t heard it, try it out. Think back to 1993…if you’re old enough…to a time when we were all buying CD’s, carrying around mobile phones as big as bricks and still using beepers, answering machines and using maps to navigate. The internet was really new, and nowhere near as big as it became just four or five years later. I can tell you that in 1993 I had an Apple II computer with a printer, but no hard drive, you had to use a floppy disk to start it and another to store your data. Yet, it was pretty amazing for the times. I also had a brick mobile, mostly for work and a pretty cool Suzuki car, brand new 1993 model, and super cheap. I lived in Miami and it was the best of times…

Now, reference “Cryin”, the song was written by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Taylor Rhodes on Geffen Records. It was released the summer of 1993 in the US and in autumn of the same year in the UK. The video was great. It starred the North American actors Alicia Silverstone and Stephen Dorff. Actor Josh Holloway also appears in the video. The song debuted in the golden years of MTV and it won best music video of the year 1994, best music video by a band and the people’s choice. A triple crown. The song made it to number one in the US and number 17 in the UK and ranked number 12 in the Billboard’s Hot 100 for 1993. So it was definitely a hit.

Here is the song with the video. Let me know what you think, please…



Here’s a great video of the song done live, I think in 2014…but it brings back the spirit of the early 90’s…



  1. Brad Osborne · March 2

    Great song by a world-class group. Those old guys are still rocking it today! Good choice for Tuesday’s Tunes my friend!

  2. superonurb · March 2

    ♥️😍😍😍😍👏👏👏👏 Best band!! great clip, perfect music !!

  3. ourcrossings · March 2

    I immediately loved this song, too! Every time I hear it, the song transports me to my highschool years where it was literally overplayed in the school disco ☺️ thanks for sharing and have a good day. Although, most of the restrictions are still in place in Ireland and we are still living in lockdown, at least Ericeira and most of the children are going back to school next Monday. Have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • Thank you so much Aiva. I am glad to hear that Ericeira can attend school! It’s so important for children to socialise and to enjoy those school years! Wow! I loved that song too and the video. Here we’re now able to sit at terrace bars for coffee and breakfast, maybe an early lunch and a beer as well as they must close at 1800 hours. But, crumbles or not, it’s a good thing. Slowly we’ll all be immunised as well, when? Who knows! But we’re the EU and we know it all! (Sarcastically said, naturally). All the best my friend!

  4. marandarussell · March 2

    My favorite song of theirs from that era is “Livin’ on the Edge”. The lyrics still ring so true today!

  5. markbierman · March 5

    Grew up listening to this band . . . great tune!

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