Teaching and Learning Art…Part 1

(“Composition in Green and Yellows No.1”, acrylic on canvas 40x50cm, original artwork by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

For all those that may be interested. We here at Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia have decided to proceed in a new and different manner. Our intention is to spread the love of art, the ability to create art and the knowledge of art as far and as wide as we can. We cannot do that without the help of our new Patreon page. We produce well researched articles and videos on art and we need them to reach as many people as possible but we also have to cover expenses. Our page is called “Jazzy Arts” and you can check it out here. There will be free articles but the gist of the material will be for those who would like to make a commitment and become patrons. For those I promise to expand upon theories of art, creativity and more. I will also post more research and investigation of the artists who have made a name in art history. And as well I will share with you the developments within the body of my own artwork and I will share with you how I do it and how you can also develop your own.


Let’s begin what I know to be a marvellous journey.
And believe me, the principles I will present, discus, and teach here are valuable for anything in life, not just art.

But in our case we are artists, we are wanting to be artists, we are studying art and we are developing our ideas, our imagination and our creativity. That’s the key. We are becoming something else, something that not everyone is. We will also do something that not everyone can do. That means we have started on the road to becoming an artist.

Here is the first chapter:

“How I Teach Art”

One comment

  1. Anna Waldherr · February 28

    I wish you much success w/ this venture, Francisco. ❤

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