Journal Entry #6: Dear Diary, WTF!

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

So I am here, drinking my coffee after having enjoyed a nice dinner. It’s 3pm, the middle of the day and the weather’s fine. Valencia always comes through. We had some days of grey skies and humid air but now we are back to our sunny normal. Cannot say it is warm, but warm enough to cause envy in those who live further north.

I woke up to the “telediario” (the news) and again, violence in Tarragona and Barcelona. This marks the seventh night of riots. The destruction was massive and the assaults on police more and more violent. Some of the neighbours in the streets where these hoodlums were creating their chaos and destruction started to shout at them, perhaps in a feeble attempt to get them off their usually peaceful streets, but it didn’t work, actually it might have inspired them to worse actions. The Catalan autonomous police, the Mossos d’Esquadra are being overrun. These “demonstrators” are showering them with bricks and rocks and they’ve little recourse but to pull back. They need reinforcements, preferably from the Guardia Civil or the army.

Artimagen Pegatina círculo Guardia Civil El Honor es mi divisa ø 50 mm/ud.: Coche y moto

But the streets of a civilised city, in a First World Country like Spain, cannot be left in the hands of those who cause mayhem and destruction. The government is charged with keeping their citizens safe and property secured. Businesses all up and down the Passeig de Gracia (the 5th Avenue of Barcelona) have suffered incredible losses due to the destruction of their storefront windows and the looting of their merchandise. These businesses are already suffering due to restrictions placed upon them to fight the COVID pandemic, so who pays for the things these vandals have destroyed?

Destrozos en 32 tiendas de paseo de Gràcia en los disturbios
(Passeig de Gracia, Barcelona)

Freedom of expression is a slippery slope. Are we really free to express everything? Should we? Should someone that is trying to destroy the very foundations of the society that we have been developing and building with our honest work and taxes have the right to express, and in so doing incite, others to destroy it? Can we allow freedom of expression to destroy our way of life? Who has the right to destroy private property in their quest for “freedom”? Can the law of the jungle decide who goes to prison and who goes free? These groups destroying Barcelona and other cities of Catalunya, say they are protesting the arrest, detention and subsequent incarceration of one rapper named Hasel from Lleida, Catalunya. This man had a fair trial and was condemned to a prison term for his incendiary remarks and other public threats he made against the Royal Family. So, if justice took its course and the defendant was found guilty, what right has anyone to dispute that decision by destroying property in the streets of the city?

Pablo Hasél: Los jóvenes antisistema tras los disturbios: así salen a destruir  Barcelona, Linares o Madrid
(Photo property of La Vanguardia newspaper of Spain)

The answer is they’ve no right. These people are not necessarily protesting the jailing of this rapper. I would imagine that many of them are not even familiar with his work. And truth be told, he was not imprisoned for his “artistic” creations but for his verses that he sent out as messages to incite violence. I think a society has the right to protect itself from those that would destroy it, especially those who use the freedoms of our democracy to destroy our way of life. Lenin said the west (meaning the US) would sell them the rope they would use to hang us. Are these people the rope? They are supposedly armed and violent leftist groups and anarchists. But leftists are not anarchists and anarchists are not leftists. So WTF? Who are they?

Pablo Hasél: Los jóvenes antisistema tras los disturbios: así salen a destruir  Barcelona, Linares o Madrid
(Photo property of La Vanguardia newspaper of Spain)

Enough Francisco! Yes, I know, we’ve all had enough of bad news. So, our country is slowly creeping out of the critical phase of this portion or wave of the pandemic. Our numbers are getting better and better and I thank God! We need normalcy again, even if it is the SOS we used to complain about daily. I miss seeing the sidewalks of Valencia filled with our bars and our deer drinkers, our gin tonic drinkers, our coffee drinkers, our drinkers in general! Come on all of you political leaders throughout the land, let our people drink in the streets!

Thank you, I would like to hear now from you. What do you think? What’s going on? and What can we do this weekend?



  1. janetsm · 3 Days Ago

    I hate to see that the street violence is continuing in Barcelona and Tarragona. I’m all for freedom of speech, freedom to assemble, etc., but no city or country can abide mob rule. I hope the situation is taken under control today.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 3 Days Ago

      I fully agree Janet. Freedom for people to, without fear or intimidation to express themselves is something important but our lives are important too, and frankly freedom for people to try to poison the minds of others with hatred and violence is not very important. There are limits and if one does not self-censure, they government must. Thank you and all the best Janet,

    • jamesscott844love · 2 Days Ago

      So what then need to be done?

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 2 Days Ago

        Uphold the law and respect for the law. We live in a civilised society and we are not ruled by mobs in the street my friend. Thank you.

  2. Easymalc · 3 Days Ago

    One thing about having your own blog page F is that you can say what you like without having to worry about who it might offend, and as you probably guessed I am right behind you with your comments here. If we’re not careful we could well be on the slippery slope to complete anarchy, and where will that get us. Anarchists – because that’s what they are – have no real ideal about where they want it to end – it certainly won’t end in more freedom for the majority of people who want to live in a civilized world. Protesting about something you believe in is one thing, but destroying decent people’s lives along the way is another. On a lighter note, how many deer drinkers do you have in Valencia? 🙂

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 3 Days Ago

      Quite right Malc, no doubt they are just trying to destroy what took effort and brains of other more capable persons. And yes! We’re beer drinkers here in Valencia. We love our wine and our wine from Utiel-Requena region is pretty good, but beer is big here, especially in the summertime because its hot and a nice cold beer is quite refreshing. All the best to you my friend,
      Francesc 🙂

  3. Brad Osborne · 2 Days Ago

    I am starting to think that this has little or nothing to do with the jailed rapper. It seems that he is just a ready excuse to act out in a violent way and to be noticed. No movement or cause which allows it supporters to destroy property or intimidate others can be successful in the long run. Like the US, you are a country of laws and when those laws are broken without recourse, then they may as well not exist at all. Gather, make your speeches, make your feelings known, but stop the violence. I would bet you money if they released him today, there would still be violence tomorrow. They will just find the next excuse to cause civil unrest. Round them up and lock them up! Stay safe my friend and I hope things get under control soon.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 2 Days Ago

      I couldn’t agree with you more my friend. These anti-monarchy sentiments and separatist movements have always existed in Catalunya but never so violently. It is time that they lock them all up! Thankfully our autonomous community is free of those germs. Thank you my friend and all the best,

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