“Dear Diary”, journal entry #5, on a cold, windy, stormy day in València…

(photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios, València)

So, I know, it’s been a while. This always happens to me when I try to write a diary. I forget to make entries. I promise to try harder and to remember…

Since the last entry, well, nothing much has occurred. We are still under very heavy handed restrictions here in my country, the Comunitat Valenciana. All our bars and restaurants are closed (only take away service available) and the rest of the businesses must close their shutters by 1800 hours daily. Our curfew is from 2200 hours to 0600 and during the weekends we are confined to our municipalities, we cannot cross borders even if the other municipality is across the street. Yet, it seems to have worked, since these measures were ordered towards the end of January. This morning I heard that our numbers were down reference those infected as well as those in UCI (Intensive Care Unit).

So, this is the trend all over Spain. But in most autonomous communities, seeing that the numbers of infected, sick and hospitalisations is down, the restrictions are being lessened. In Madrid they are expanding the hours for the bars and restaurants as well as rolling back one hour for the curfew. Yet our president, the Honorable Mr. Ximo Puig, does not seem at all inclined to open our hospitality industry. As a result, the city’s sidewalks, which are always full of terraces (what we call our outdoor bars) and happy folk drinking coffee, beer, wine, eating bocatas or patatas bravas, are now only for pedestrians. The city looks sad, empty, abandoned, ignored.

Another thing that has happened is the issue with rapper Hasél. This thirty three year old rapper has been sent to prison for saying that he wants ETA and GRAPO back and wants them to continue to kill and to foment terrorism in our cities. GRAPO were an armed terrorist group created in Vigo, Galicia, in 1975, and ETA, was the terrorist Basque organisation which killed over 800 people in Spain during their reign of terror. Last night was the fifth night of violent street protesters in Barcelona, Tarragona and LLeida. Groups armed with bricks have been destroying storefronts and showering the police with rocks and other debris. They demand “Libertat”, freedom for the jailed rapper alleging that this is a case of freedom of expression. I guess this is something else to be concerned with, as if COVID-19 wasn’t enough.

In my world, the micro-world of Omnia Caelum, well, I am almost finished with my commission. Three out of the four paintings have been completed and well received. I was a little concerned as I have never attempted such a large project, especially when the idea came from the patron. But it has proven to be quite educational for me and a great experience. I am very happy with the three and I cannot wait to show it to you, but for now suffice it with this, it is almost there as the fourth is well sketched and ready for me to begin putting paint to canvas…

I have also ventured out on a new path, both for my art and for myself. As I am now quite confident that the future of art is online, I have opened a Patreon page. Take a look: http://www.patreon.com/jazzyarts

I leave you with one of my YouTube videos that showcase my work from the days of Omnia Caelum Studios Miami and I would hope that you like it, subscribe to our channel and perhaps even share it. Thank you so much.

Stay safe, stay alert and aware. Remember, situational awareness is the only way to successfully defeat an enemy…

(Please don’t forget to like, share and to subscribe to our YouTube channel, thank you!)



  1. janetsm · 4 Days Ago

    Janet here. I thoroughly enjoyed your diary post and getting brought up to date on happenings around Spain. I hope the street violence stays away from Valencia. By the way, the Patreon link didn’t work for me. I believe you need a dot com in there instead of dot con; however, even when I did a search with that typo correction, it did not take me to your Patreon page. Perhaps I’m doing something wrong?

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 4 Days Ago

      Thank you so much Janet. I hope you’re well and good and that your weather over there in the east coast USA is getting better. I saw the mistake and fixed the web address, thank you so much! Take good care and all the best to you,

  2. Anna Waldherr · 4 Days Ago

    Am so glad your commission has gone well, Francisco. I was not aware of these riots. News in the US does not always highlight international developments. Stay safe, my friend. Blessings, A. ❤

  3. Brad Osborne · 4 Days Ago

    Glad to hear your commissioned works are nearing completion. I am excited to see your finished works. It is sad to hear about the rioting and violence. I hope your Covid numbers continue to drop and a greater sense of normalcy is just around the corner. The music behind the video was very different, but enjoyable. Stay well and safe!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 4 Days Ago

      Thank you Brad! The violence has extended, last night in Barcelona it was one of the worst. These are not mere people protesting the supposed lack of freedom of expression with regards to the threats and the encouragement of violence that Hasel the rapper has published, these were organised leftist and anarchist groups fighting the “establishment”, anti-system groups and other misfits trying to disrupt an already ailing society. Even the police in Catalunya was complaining that they were not able to act pro-actively in defence of property. Watching this and seeing how political correctedness is impeding law enforcement, I am glad I am no longer a LEO! All the best to you my friend,

  4. spwilcen · 4 Days Ago

    Three of four. Congzatulations. Civil unrest sounds strangely familiar.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 4 Days Ago

      Thank you! And yes! Here the anarchists have taken to the streets. In one of the most fashionable streets of Barcelona, the Paseig de la Gracia, they broke 75 store windows last night! Even the police is complaining that they are not being allowed to be more pro-active, in the meantime they are getting assaulted by these thugs! Man! Am I glad I am not a cop anymore! (and I don’t mean that I would be feared, I mean that I would be ready to break bones…)
      All the best to you my friend,

      • spwilcen · 4 Days Ago

        I understand. Unfortunately the only way citizens can quickly respond is in kind which makes them as bad as the anarchists. Time to grass roots “Support Your Local Constabulary” vigorously, including vocal and written notices to politicians.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 4 Days Ago


  5. ourcrossings · 4 Days Ago

    We are still in a very strict lockdown, too and even thou it seems that every day is the same and nothing really changes, when you look back, you realize that everything is different. Our restrictions are set to last up until Easter and beyond. Instead of being upset about it, we make every day count. There are so many things we can do to make life exciting 🙂 Have a lovely day. Aiva

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 4 Days Ago

      Thank you Aiva and I too find ways to avoid boredom. Take good care and all the best!

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