Friday Afternoon in València, a Picture and a Poem: “Ask”

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios València)

Did you say I can ask

and you’ll give me whatever I want?

So my friend, then I’d say:

Give me a rainbow.

No! Instead,

give me a magic tornado,

that would sweep from the earth what is ugly

and bad,

and everything that we’re afraid of.

Let it wash away the sadness,

wash away the pain,

so that after the rain

we can smile

and forget all our hardships.

This poem does not imply that the damages caused by tornados are valuable and good, instead it refers to the idea of a cleansing storm that would only wipe from our midst negative things and leave all the good people and good things unharmed. It is figurative and most certainly not literal. Thank you.

C.2021, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 19 FEB 2021, València, Spain 🇪🇸


  1. spwilcen · 7 Days Ago

    Excellent! I was all set to take issue with a word, then read and “listened” to what your picture said. Your word choice superior to what I had in mind. Ah, to watch an artist at work, no matter what canvas he chooses to embrace his message! Bravo! Should we not meet again today, do take time from your commission to thoroughly enjoy a glass and words with your “Boss” and your friends near and far.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 7 Days Ago

      Thank you SP, very much! As always, it is a pleasure to read your replies and I really do appreciate your visits and your time. Siesta time is over, and now wine time is fast approaching so that glass…or two…I will raise to you my friend. All the best and may you and your “boss” enjoy a lovely Friday afternoon. You know, I retired from the police in March of 2012, it’s going to be nine years in just a few days, but I still love Fridays!
      Take good care,

  2. ourcrossings · 7 Days Ago

    What a fantastic poem, my friend. We all have that extra dose of magic in us to ”that would sweep from the earth what is ugly and bad”! You can smile more when you walk down the street, open doors for strangers (even women can open doors for men — ladies can be gentlemen too!), give a genuine compliment. We should spread love like butter! Have a good weekend. Aiva 🙂

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 7 Days Ago

      You’ve said it beautifully Aiva, we should spread love like butter! That’s the only thing that can guarantee a better world. Thank you and all the best to you, 😊

  3. Brad Osborne · 6 Days Ago

    I love the metaphor and imagery you created here. I could picture a magical storm that only touched the “ugly” in he world. Then the clouds would pass and sunlight would fall upon a more kind and beautiful land. Really liked this Francisco! Well done! Have a great weekend, my friend!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 6 Days Ago

      Like a broom that sweeps away the negativity…
      Thank you very much my friend,
      All the best to you,

  4. azurea20 · 6 Days Ago

    Impactante la imagen que de alguna manera dialoga con el poema. Me gusta.

  5. magicamistura · 5 Days Ago


  6. markbierman · 5 Days Ago

    Well said, my friend.

  7. Anna Waldherr · 4 Days Ago

    Lovely. ❤

  8. jonicaggiano · 3 Days Ago

    Francisco this is so beautiful and I like the idea of all the sadness being washed away and all things wonderful left, even sadness from memories. It is such a lovely piece.

    I was trying to find your new poem that was published today on Spillwords, it was so gorgeously written. One could feel the confinement of the prisoner and I could picture the thick iron gates and feel the agony of the prisoner. What a beautiful piece my friend. You are an amazing and rare human being, one gifted in so many ways, you bring forth images that are so creative and interesting you can look at them for hours. Your poetry and music can bring tears to the eye and bring forth an image that is not easily forgotten. Your poem about prisons made me think of the great Apostle Paul and all the time he spent in so many horrible prisons, he too, in many ways was a political prisoner. Thank you for sharing and I certainly hit that little button for your tribute to those that have suffered political injustice in Cuba and all over the world. Sending you love, respect for your many gifts and thanks to God for giving you so many talents. Love and hugs to you two, Joni

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 3 Days Ago

      Thank you so much Joni. I truly appreciate, very, very much, your kindness, your encouragement and your support which is expressed with such lovely words which are a humbling pleasure to read. Thank you again and again. And I am glad you reminded my about my poem on Spillwords, I will now publish it on WP. With love from Spain to NC to you and your beloved husband,

      • jonicaggiano · 3 Days Ago

        Thank you my friend. I am glad I reminded you too. It would be an injustice to your beautiful poem not to be shared with as many people as possible. I saw last night that you had a poem coming out and I looked first thing this morning. Really an incredible piece. You two stay blessed. Joni 💕🤗❤️

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 3 Days Ago

        Thank you so much Joni! You too stay blessed too! Take good care, stay safe and all the best to you both! 🙂

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