Weekend Artists Series, Part 2: Fernande Olivier

(Fernande Olivier in an etching by Picasso, 1881-1966)

The importance of a good model for an artist is reflected in Fernande Olivier, Picasso’s first love and possibly first model upon arrival in Paris in 1900. Here is a short video clip of some of her photographs and some of the artwork she inspired. Let me know what you think, both of Fernande and of models in general. Thank you!

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  1. Brad Osborne · January 23

    I may be at a loss here as my work rarely comes from a specific visual model. I do believe they hold some great importance to a visual artist, but I see them all as a simple starting point to the expression that the artist seeks to create. They are simply the tinder to which the artists sets a spark and builds the fire from. I think of models more as the muse to creation rather than a specific form trying to be replicated. I am looking forward to reading the comments from visual artists and learning how they see models contributing to their creativity. Interesting post, my friend!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · January 23

      I would be interested in reading those too…thank you Brad, I truly appreciate it. I think of models as interesting and mostly important but not essential as is the case with me and other artists that work within a loosely based abstract manner, our models and references are in our heads and not in front of our eyes. But if I am going to paint figures, either posing or dancing or playing an instrument, I might use a model, although rarely a live one. Thank you so much my friend and all the best,

  2. Sheree · January 23

    If she’s good enough for Picasso….

  3. margarethallfineart · January 23

    Thanks for a great video, Francisco. I like to go to life drawing class ( once upon a time!). And I think the model is really important – they can really inspire you and push your work further.

  4. macalder02 · January 23

    Bueno Francisco, la pintura no es mi fuerte como para juzgar un cuadro de Picasso. Lo que sí veo en el vídeo que la modela es una mujer muy atractiva y no csbe la menor duda de ello porque Picasso la hizo su amante. Buen domingo para ti.

  5. Anna Waldherr · January 24

    I remember asking an English teacher whether the poet we were studying or the woman who inspired his work was more worthy of admiration. I tend to lean toward the artist. Whatever inspires him, he is the one who puts in the work. He somehow finds a way to convey what is in his heart and mind to viewers like me. That is talent. By the way, I always love your music, Francisco! ❤

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · January 25

      I agree with you Anna, the artist puts in the work and that is what reaches our eyes and our emotions. And I’m so glad you like my music, thank you 😊

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