Travel Photo Challenge, Day 1

(Photo by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Greetings to all. I have been selected by my friend and fascinating blogger, with such a travel blog that will fill your every need should you be travelling where she’s been, Aiva of Our Crossings. So I will post one of my travel pictures every day for ten days, beginning with this one today. I cannot say where it is that I took it. And I must choose others to continue…if they so desire…the challenge. For this day I select my good friend Joni whose lovely blog features mostly her lovely poetry but at times memories of her travels as well. Joni, please link to me if you wish to participate, if you’ve not time enough, it is quite alright. Remember, it is ten days, ten travel pics and ten nominations (hopefully)…



  1. ourcrossings · December 17

    Thanks so much for accepting the travel photo challenge, Francisco. With the pandemic crisis, upcoming Christmas and everything in-between, it’s hard to know who would want to take part. I look forward to your photos. It’s a cold and rainy day here in Sligo with many more to come. Take care. Aiva 🙂

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · December 17

      It’s my pleasure Aiva, we may be getting stiffer restrictions for Christmas, we still don’t know but the weather is lovely, warm and sunny just about 15 degrees in the afternoon and 5-6 in the mornings…all the best,

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  3. jonicaggiano · December 19

    This is beautifully taken my friend. I see ancient ruins and beautiful green trees against a small mountain side. Lovely my friend. I have been using my computer to go into your site and there was no place for comments. My sweetie just got me into your site using my phone and now he is translating your beautiful Spanish poem to me. Your poetry is gorgeous Francisco. I also am in love with the music you wrote for the Frida Kahlo piece. So amazing your talent my friend. You two have a wonderful night. Love J and S

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · December 19

      Thank you Joni, so very much. Your lovely words humble me and I truly appreciate your support. I am glad that your husband is translating for you and I hope you like it. And I am so glad you liked the music. Sending you both lots of love 💖 and happiness 😊 from Spain. All the best,

      • jonicaggiano · December 19

        You are truly an amazingly talented poet. I am in awe of all your gifts. God really blessed you with all the wonderful talents He gifted you with an you work so hard to use them all. I don’t know how you put out the volume of work that you do. I am sure your wife is a big help organizing and marketing your work but I don’t know how you keep up. Scott is going to help me navigate your site in WordPress today. Sending you both hugs and love. 💕❤️🤗Joni

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · December 19

        Thank you so much Joni, I have the advantage of being retired so this is my full time job now, writing, painting and creating (trying) music. I love it, I am thankful, very thankful to God that I have the time now to do it and that my wife loves the job of promotions, marketing and sales because those are things I know nothing about and if I had to sell one of my paintings I would end up giving them away, but she knows and is very supportive and I admire that very much in her. Thank Scott for helping you navigate through WordPress, I really don’t even know, I probably just use it to a lesser capacity than most, but…in any event, I truly appreciate your words because I know they come from the heart and I know that you are a very talented writer, very passionate, very real, and a super gifted photographer as well, so I thank you, again and again, for your support, encouragement and for those virtual hugs which do create a warm and good feeling, even though it is not that cold here (15 degrees) as in NC, hugs are always wonderful. All the best,

      • jonicaggiano · December 19

        Sending love and gratitude for all your kind words. I still can’t navigate twitter very well. At least I can look at your beautiful paintings and photography and comment there. Love ❤️ and hugs. Sending big, happy smiles. Joni

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · December 20

        Well lots of love and happiness right back! All the best to you both! 😊💖🎄💐🍷

      • jonicaggiano · December 20


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  5. jonicaggiano · December 20

    Oh you are so welcome my friends, I would never be able to sell anything that I made either. I get too emotionally involved with my stuff. I make jewelry with sterling and semi-precious stones and I do give all the pieces away for special situations. A painting is a different situation all together. You two be blessed and have a joyous week. I can’t believe it is almost Christmas. Love Joni

  6. arielaonthego · January 8

    Naples, Italy?

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