Weekend Artists Series, Part 2: Juan Gris, a photo montage video of his works…

(Juan Gris, 1887-1927)

This short photo montage video contains some of my favourite works of Juan Gris. I hope you like it. And what I really hope is that you comment, converse, start a dynamic conversation about art, about Juan Gris or the cubists or about anything else related to the topic of art. Art is something not just for artists or collectors, art is truly democratic and universal and I would like to see more communities of artists and lovers of art flourishing all over the web…

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  1. Brad Osborne · 5 Days Ago

    A truly gifted artist! I love his works you have shared.

  2. glitzyritzymommy · 5 Days Ago

    Beautiful 😍 😘 exquisite

  3. forresting365 · 5 Days Ago

    WOW! Love his work! Thank You!!! 💖

  4. azurea20 · 5 Days Ago

    Preciosa la selección de obras que has elegido. Un acierto. Gracias.

  5. margarethallfineart · 4 Days Ago

    What a good selection of paintings, Francisco. I find his work very appealing. I admire other Cubist paintings, but I don’t like them as much as Juan Gris .

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 4 Days Ago

      I feel the same way Margaret. I immediately was attracted to cubism but when I saw the work of Juan Gris I realised it was the finest…thank you so much. Greetings and all the best,

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