Weekend Art, part 1: Why I live and paint in Valencia…

(November 2020 entering “Jardines del Turia”, Valencia)

Every day I love this city a little more. My studio is in Russafa (Ruzafa in Castilian Spanish), which is a very interesting neighbourhood in the centre of the city. Russafa has bars in every chamfer corner and they are usually full. Since the weather is great all year round, people live for the outdoors. And what better place than a terrace bar, under a nice Mediterranean sunshine, not too hot but warm enough to cut the chill of the winter’s breeze…

Here the light (the way the sun shines throughout the city) provides a privileged ambience for painting (photography as well). It is a great advantage, although I use artificial lights in my studio as well, but just glancing out the window and seeing those blue skies and bright days, makes me want to work harder. And that’s what it is all about in art. It is all about hard work. The more you work, the more you develop that little “magic” ingredient called talent…

I lived in the United States for many, many years, always dreaming of when I would come to Spain. Although I do not regret my years in America, I do find that life is more compatible with my DNA here in Europe. However, in America I started my art career. It was in Miami where I was chosen by a gallery owner and exhibited professionally (in Istanbul, Turkey). In Miami I set up my studio, Omnia Caelum Studios Miami, which is now Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia. And from Miami I started this blog.

So, I have to think of the United States as home in many ways. But my roots, my essence and my transcendence is in Europe, specifically, in Spain. Therefore I can say that I live in Valencia because it is a beautiful city. It’s not a backwater, it is the third largest city in Spain and has the second most important port. It has an international airport and most importantly, it is on the Mediterranean Sea, yes, I was born next to the sea, and allows me that proximity to the sea just how I like it, like I’ve always lived.

I want to share some of the work I have done since arriving in Valencia (two years ago). This collection of paintings is what I call “JaZzArt en Valencia”. There are of course tremendous similarities to other Jazz Art series I have done in the past, but this one has some unique peculiarities that make it totally “valenciana”.

(“Evolution” 90x50x2cm, acrylic on canvas)
(at the Trentatres Gallery Bar in Russafa)

I want to emphasise that our studio Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia is a functioning art space and gallery and always interested in further developing with other artists, musicians and all around creative people in our environment here in Valencia and throughout the world. We are global, yes, to a certain extent, because we communicate through the internet and we can form relationships, conversations and even friendships all over the world. It is a fascinating time.

So, our gallery is our blog, our Instagram and soon, our website. It is a gallery that is always open for business and can do business all over the world. I truly believe it is the way of the future and a most interesting way to do art, to promote art, to sell art and to form functioning communities of artists and like minded folk that love all things art…

I want to leave our links and information. First, please follow us on Instagram: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera (this will soon be updated as a place where we can sell our paintings, drawings and prints, easily and directly to the art lover/collector). Since we try to move within as many social media platforms as we can, I would like to leave you with a short photo compilation video (with original background music) so that you can share that link and subscribe to our channel, as well as liking the video, which helps us out tremendously within YouTube. And all this I greatly appreciate.

(Please don’t forget to like, share and subscribe to our YouTube channel, thank you!)


  1. Easymalc · 5 Days Ago

    Excellent stuff. You’ve brightened up my day Francesc

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 5 Days Ago

      Thank you Malc! And you’ve brightened mine! Thank you, and all the best!
      Cheers my friend,

  2. Brad Osborne · 5 Days Ago

    You know I am a big fan of your work. I will make sure to visit your videos on YouTube and share some love there too! Have a great weekend, my friend!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 5 Days Ago

      Thank you my friend! I am very glad to hear that and that you liked these examples of the work I am doing here now…take good care and all the best!

  3. Viktoriya · 5 Days Ago

    Can concur with every word, Francisco. Your capture of the city spirit and vibrance through the musical scenes is incredible. Such an inspiring story….. Looking forward to the next post.
    Love the video and hardly wait to work together on the painting project.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 5 Days Ago

      Thank you so much Viktoriya! You and Pau are amazing friends and I truly appreciate your words! There is much, much more, for sure! All the best!

  4. Sheree · 5 Days Ago


  5. jupitergrant · 5 Days Ago

    Great art, and I really like the music 🎶

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 5 Days Ago

      Thank you Jupiter, so much, I am so glad you liked it! And I really appreciate your visit and support always 🙂
      All the best,

      • jupitergrant · 2 Days Ago

        You’re very welcome. I hope you’re well x

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 2 Days Ago

        All good here Jupiter, thank you, all the best to you too! 🙂

  6. lifesavingprayers · 5 Days Ago

    Amazing work, thank you for sharing, you inspired me 🙂

  7. ourcrossings · 5 Days Ago

    I love your artwork and I loved reading about you as an artist, too. It must be amazing to have your own little studio where you can. It certainly makes painting easier – the best thing of having dedicated space for creating art works is that you can leave everything set up, and your work invites you back in. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 I hope all is well 😃 Aiva

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 5 Days Ago

      Thank you Aiva, you’re always a breath of fresh air, nice Irish air indeed, with a Latvian touch. Yes, I love living and working here and the studio is a great way to come back to unfinished work, I keep it rather nice, although not if you ask my wife 😊. Take good care and all the best to you and your lovely family 🌹

      • ourcrossings · 5 Days Ago

        “not if you ask my wife” that made me laugh 🙈😂 I believe that having a messy studio can help you as an artist! But not the tools, of course. Creativity is often about connection, and connections are not made by soloing everything off into its own space. Take care, Francisco 😀 sending you lots of positive vibes from rainy Ireland 😀😀

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 5 Days Ago

        I certainly appreciate those vibes and happily accept them here in the sunny Mediterranean (although it is getting quite cold now). Thank you Aiva and all the best 😊

  8. Anna Waldherr · 4 Days Ago

    Thank you for sharing your art and your inspiration, Francisco. ❤

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 4 Days Ago

      Thank you Anna, for your time and for your visits which are always a delight and a pleasure. All the best to you,

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