Tuesdays Tunes: Songs that “rock”, part III, “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” by Billy Joel

It's still rock'n'roll to me / Vinyl single : Billy Joel: Amazon.es: Música

Billy Joel, what can I say? Loved his music from the first time I heard it. I recall that I was on holiday in Fort Meyers, (on the Gulf coast of Florida), when I first heard a song by Billy Joel. It was “Piano Man”. From that song on I was a fan…

Billy Joel’s music followed me around and became a part of the things I was doing that coincided with one of his many, many hit singles. When “Streetlife Serenader” was released I was graduating from college. I was in the Army when “Just the Way You Are” and “Only the Good Die Young” came out. The album Glass Houses became my go-to musical escape when I came back home. “Pressure” then became my anthem when I was going through a divorce, and at the time going through the police academy. While “on the job” “Innocent Man” was my tune that I sang to some of the ones that I gave rides to in the back of my police car. And, well, you get it. Billy’s songs were like a soundtrack to my life, no wonder I owned all his records (vinyls which I still have in a safe somewhere where I will never reveal, hehehe).

“It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me” is from 1980, it’s from Glass Houses, number one on Billboard for two weeks, and was the seventh biggest hit of 1980. The record went Platinum for selling over one million copies in the United States.


How do I tie these three “rockers” together? My analysis was that the revolution began with kids wanting the freedom to “rock around the clock” and that they got it and that from then on it was fun, it was a party to rock and roll and no matter how trivial and banal it may be, it is still rock and roll. That was up to 1974. By 1980, things were changing, rockers were getting older but the spirit was still there, the movement was still going strong, no matter the age, the attitude continued to be defiant and the statement wasn’t simply that it was fun and I like it but that it…the present situation…is still rock and roll. Long live the revolution! Long live rock and roll!

Here is Billy Joel’s official video of “It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me”. Hope you sing along…



  1. Sheree · October 20

    Sorry, but I’m not a fan of his music

  2. Brad Osborne · October 20

    Billy Joel is a consummate performer and songwriter. Unlike many successful artists and band of the era, Billy wrote all his own music as well as writing for other performers. Even if his rough hewn, piano banging, style of performance leaves you wanting, you cannot argue his talent with music and lyrics. A nice full-circle series for a Monday morning, Francisco!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · October 20

      I understand that most of his music is very, very commercial and rather simple, but the words paint a picture of Long Island life during times long ago in an era that seems now like if it was lived in another planet…thank you Brad, I really appreciate your replies and I always look forward to your participation. All the best,

  3. spwilcen · October 20

    Love it that I can get into an elevator and hear music that was years ago considered outrageous. Is it (A) because the music really was GOOD way back then? (B) Because “WE” are now the new ‘old people’? (C) Because we’re just used to it? (D) A, B & C. (D) None of the above.

    • spwilcen · October 20

      But if you were there “Five O’clock on a Saturday…” the words and music echo your life…

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · October 20

      “D” I would say. As I get older I find I’m appreciating more and more songs that I once found simple, silly and useless…

  4. tralamont · October 20

    Loved his music growing up! 🤗

  5. tiffanyarpdaleo · October 20

    I’ve always loved his songs, I listened to Glass Houses so much, I had to buy a second album! It’s cool how music is woven into our lives and how it accompanies our memories, you have had many interesting experiences, Francisco!

  6. Katy Claire · October 21

    Oh, I love Billy Joel’s music!! He is such a talented artist.

  7. forresting365 · October 21

    I LOVE him!!! And I’m right there with You! I grew up with him playing in the background and have pretty much a great story or sweet memory laced in through all his songs. And Glass Houses!!! High School. Junior year. WE LOVED HIM!!! Cheers and Thanks for the smile You just gifted! 💖

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · October 21

      I’m so happy to hear that! Yeah, life was something almost cinematic with a Billy Joel soundtrack accompanying me through events and things, greater and insignificant just the same. Thank you 🙂

      • forresting365 · October 23

        Ah…wasn’t it? That’s perfectly put!!! And it’s my pleasure! 💕

  8. jupitergrant · October 24

    A great track. I’ve always enjoyed his music.

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