Friday’s poetry: “I’m Your Reflection”

Light comes through the windows that I’ve shuttered

from the inside with these deep, dark curtains,

and from the outside,

with the wooden sign that the pharmacist discarded,

and threw away

and that children bombarded with the rocks that washed up yesterday

from the river that bears my name.

Yet light finds its way inside,

and attempts to brighten the world outside of me,

by sharpening the lines and angles,

and erasing the doubts

that darken my reality.

Do I have a flaw in my personality?

I don’t need light as I walk my daily route

through that tall, cumulus cloud that forms the shape of one dark hand.

I will rise above the land,

to tell you that I am the thought that pushes me and guides me,

that advises,

“Hey, don’t listen to the fears that sabotage your will, my dear…”

No, you don’t know me,

I am the history we’ve made today.

I am the history we’re making.

And I say

that I know that knowledge,

and that pain and suffering

is as ephemeral as a smile that politely someone proffers

when they know that sadness has consumed your day.

I am the freezing rain,

and you?

Who are you that dares challenge me?

Will you feel the rage that flows through my blood?

Are you ready for my claws to rip your flesh?

Can you stand the iron grip that holds the pistol to your head?

From the corner of your eye,

you’ll see my eyes,

my eyes that smile and tell you,

I’m in the wind.

I am the light!

Resist your will to fight!

I’m not the enemy, dear one,

I’m your reflection…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 16 OCT 2020, Valencia, Spain


  1. tiffanyarpdaleo · 4 Days Ago

    Intense, really great writing Francisco!

  2. Katy Claire · 1 Day Ago

    Fantastic writing! It’s so important for us to know our own reflections and have more introspection in understanding how we see the world around us. Really enjoyed this piece, Francisco 😊

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