Tuesdays Tunes: “Would I Lie to You”, The Eurythmics

Eurythmics - Would I Lie To You [2018 HDTracks 24/96, 24-bit sourced]

Always liked this song, maybe it’s because it’s something I used to always tell my boss…

Eurythmic, relating to harmonious proportions…

This is a song that somehow slipped into the era with its funky beat, soulful sound and upbeat pattern, different from the New Wave rock typical of the time and typical of the Eurythmics…

Loved it!

Eurythmics Would I Lie To You | Artistas de la música, Musica, Rock roll
(Annie Lennox)

“Would I Lie to You” was released in 1985, of course by the British pop duo The Eurythmics. This song, like I said before, sounded different from their previous songs and marked their change towards what some may call R & B. I don’t…

The song was written by Annie Lennox and David Stewart in 1984. The music video was a smash hit on MTV and in it was the Cuban-American actor Steven Bauer, whom I met and worked with in Miami, Florida (USA).

Here is the video…

Hope you liked it…and stay tuned for Part II later today…

Cheers lads…


  1. Brad Osborne · 29 Days Ago

    Annie has such a unique and recognizable voice. I think she could sing any style of song. And her sense of style was a trend-setter. Certainly worthy of the recognition and your fine words. Well written, my friend!

  2. tiffanyarpdaleo · 29 Days Ago

    I notice there is a common theme to your posts today, Fransisco, love each song, but I hate lies!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      As we all should…thank you Tiffany, yes that’s the new edition, linking a common thread. 😊

  3. ourcrossings · 28 Days Ago

    I have to say that Eurythmics was one of the very best pop-rock duos of all time and Annie Lennox was the most underrated fashion icon of the 80’s. I loved her leather catsuit outfit for the “Missionary Man” video. Beautifully written, Francisco. Thanks for sharing and take care 😊 Aiva

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 28 Days Ago

      So glad that it brought back memories to you. Yes, no doubt the Eurythmics was and remains one of the best pop duos and Annie Lennox is a “crack” (Spanish expression meaning the “ultimate” the “top” the “best”, always loved her, her voice, her fashion, her looks…thank you so much Aiva, and all the best,

  4. Rebecca Cuningham · 25 Days Ago

    That song showcased the awesome range of her voice. I love the Eurythmics. Short hair for women was uncommon at that point and she rocked it with style.

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