Tuesdays Tunes Part III: “Liar” by QUEEN

Queen - Liar (Official Video) - YouTube

Since I like to work in sets of three, triptychs or trilogies, this is Part III to conclude Tuesdays Series (Second Edition), where I join songs which have the same idea in mind. Or whose composers had the same idea in their head?

Queen tiene su propia moneda en el Reino Unido | Radiónica

In any event, here is “Liar” by one of the greatest of the great bands of the seventies, Queen. Freddy Mercury wrote the song in 1970, the band recorded it in 1971 and Elektra records released it in 1974. It was the first Queen song wherein a Hammond organ was played, which was featured in only two more songs, one of them “Under Pressure” with David Bowie.

Queen & David Bowie: Cómo se creó Under Pressure - WikiRocK

It’s not one of my favourite Queen songs but that opening guitar riff is really kick-arse for sure. It was one of their staple concert songs…in the early years…and later only used in parts, especially the guitar riff.

So, lies, liars, telling lies, hiding the truth, sidetracking the truth, creating an alternate reality. Is it an accusation? It can be. Is it a description of someone? Yes. Is it a way to disguise our truth by accusing others of being untruthful? Most probably…

Bienvenido a los 90: Especial Queen - Parte 1 - CrazyMinds

The “truth” is that a lie is something that forms part of our patterns of speech. No one is truthful all the time. Most people don’t lie all day long. However, a lie can save you from something unpleasant. A lie can transport you to a world that only you can control. And finally a lie can help you keep and grow friendships and relationships…if you believe all that…by sticking to the pleasantries and simply lying about everything else.

In truth many honest people all over the world lie. Word of advise, don’t believe everything you read, hear or even see. The world is an illusion and many out there want to fill your eyes with many more.

(Please let it be known that I do not condone liars and that I am not lying to you!)

Here is the song…

This is a cool song, I would check out the lyrics as well…

I have sinned dear, Father
Father, I have sinned
Try and help me, Father
Won’t you let me in? Liar
Oh nobody believes me, liar
Ooh, why don’t you leave me alone?
Sire I have stolen, stolen many times
Raised my voice in anger
When I know I never should
Liar, oh everybody deceives me
Liar, ooh, why don’t you leave me alone?
Liar, I have sailed the seas
Liar, from mars to mercury
Liar, I have drunk the wine
Liar, time after time
Liar, you’re lying to me
Liar, you’re lying to me
Father please forgive me
You know you’ll never leave me
Please will you direct me in the right way
Liar liar liar liar
Liar that’s what they keep calling me
Liar liar liar
Ooh, let me go
Listen, are you gonna listen?
Mama I’m gonna be your slave
All day long
Mama I’m gonna try behave
All day long
Mama I’m gonna be your slave
All day long
I’m gonna serve you ’til your dying day
All day long
I’m gonna keep you ’til your dying day
All day long
I’m gonna kneel down by your side and pray
All day long and pray
All day long and pray
All day long and pray
All day long, wow, all day long, wow
All day long, all day long, all day long
Yes, all day long, all day long, all day long, all day long, yeah
All day long, we have lift off, ow
All day long, all day long, all day long
Liar liar they never ever let you win
Liar liar everything you do is sin
Liar nobody believes you
Liar they bring you down before you begin
Ooh, now let me tell you this
So now you know you could be dead before they let you, uh



  1. Brad Osborne · 29 Days Ago

    Can’t go wrong bringing it home with a cut from Queen! I think that Brian May’s exceptional talent with the guitar was often overshadowed by the voice and antics of Freddie. That man can shred. Been quite awhile since I heard this song. Thanks for the reminder!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 29 Days Ago

      Brian May, together with Terry Kath and Jimmy Page, was one of my favourite guitarists. Brian’s clean, direct sound was “music” to my ears, bloody hell, it still is! Thank you Brad!

  2. equipsblog · 29 Days Ago

    We have a president who only tells the truth by accident. even then not very often. You’d think by now more people would know better. But then I’m naive.

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