EGON SCHIELE, some of his works…a photo montage video with original music…

Here are some very good images of the work of Egon Schiele…I hope they may serve to lead you to further discovery of this artists’ work, which is amazing.

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  1. Easymalc · September 19

    I much prefer your art if I’m being honest

  2. Sheree · September 19


  3. janetsm · September 19

    What a tragic life Egon Schiele had! A couple in our neighborhood died three weeks apart during the Influenza Epidemic, leaving four or five children behind, including an infant. We’ve heard many stories of husbands and wives in the US who have died of Covid-19 just hours or days apart. Unimaginable grief for some families.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 19

      Yes, it certainly is, a sad tragedy indeed Janet. I trust God we’ll all get through this and move on…

  4. Brad Osborne · September 20

    I love the illustrations you chose. Though somewhat unrefined, it is within the imperfections that we are drawn to the feelings being expressed. It is hard not to feel something from his images! And the story of his passing is so important right now. Well written, Francisco!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 20

      Yes, I think that the story of his passing, and Klimt as well, is very important right now. Thank you Brad, yes, one can reckon his work is a trifle unrefined, however, myself, being a “user” of the black line in drawing, feel the power he was trying to use and to express. Take good care my friend and all the best!

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