Saturdays Artists Series: ESCHER

This artist will make you flip, in colours…(Spanish expression, sorry…)

I am referring to Maurits Cornelis Escher, let us call him Maurice Cornelius, or M.C. as he is sometimes called. He was…like yours truly…a Gemini male…consider that a creature impossible to figure out…born on the 17th of June of 1898 in the Netherlands and died on the 27th of March, 1972.

Escher illustrated the impossible. He was “the” master of the optical illusion and the creator of imaginary worlds. His drawings are incredibly incredible. He also excelled, and is famous for his etchings in wood and stone. He was the artist of the impossible, no doubt about it.

Black-and-white photograph of Escher in November 1971
(By Photographer: Hans Peters (ANEFO) – Ga het na (Nationaal Archief NL) 925-1686, CC0)

Escher lived with his parents until the age of 53…something many people can relate to in this day and age in Europe…and finally at that age he began to make money from his art. However, being that he died at the age of 74, he had few years to grow as his art became more well known. It wasn’t until he was 70 that a retrospective exhibition was held.

In his youth he travelled to Spain, specifically to Granada, where he became enthralled with the decorative art work found in the Alhambra. He also gained much knowledge and inspiration in the mathematical structure of the design and decoration of the Mezquita de Cordoba.

Maurice was a student at the Haarlem School of Architecture and Decorative arts from 1919 to 1922. There he enrolled in architecture but failed and had to switch to decorative arts, where he studied under the Dutch graphic artist Samuel Jesserum de Mesquita. (This artist and teacher, a very interesting man, a Sephardi Jew who later was assassinated in Auschwitz, will be the topic of a complete future chapter).

Well, I hope you’ve noticed that I am a great fan! I’ve always loved Escher’s work and my fascination with his drawings led me to also draw my own private…albeit not impossible…worlds. This short article, I would expect, should lead you…if you are interested in great art…to pursue a little (or a lot) more of the work of this enigmatic…and very strange…artist.

I will post a photo montage video of the works of Escher that I find incredible, or more incredible than the incredible ones he made. This companion piece will have background music by my group AJA, the Abstract Jazz Arrangement, whose music I hope you would get more familiar with by checking it out here:



  1. theatrealtair · 19 Days Ago

    Oh yes, thanks gor sharing ! Some of his pictures are truly incredibles

  2. Brad Osborne · 19 Days Ago

    He is obviously a gifted illustrator and artist, but it is the story of how his recognition and rewards came so late in his career that most intrigued me. It means there is still hope for a dinosaur like me to find a larger audience. Well written and I look forward to seeing your montage of images!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 19 Days Ago

      An incredible illustrator, the creator of impossible drawings…actually one of his secrets was that he was well conversant with geometry and also that he used very few colours…and the inventor of incredible worlds! Thank you Brad!

  3. maitryshah · 19 Days Ago


  4. luisa zambrotta · 19 Days Ago

    He was a great artist! Thank you for writing about him

  5. equipsblog · 19 Days Ago

    I first learned about Escher from a friend who was really into him. I have looked at his pictures to follow the design and always amazed how I still fall for the illusion. The man was a master.

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