Wednesdays of Art and Music: (art) “The Art of Francisco Bravo Cabrera”

(A hot summer day at Omnia Caelum Studio Valencia)

Here are fourteen original acrylic on canvas paintings that are available now to collectors and to lovers of original art…

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Tuesdays Tunes: “My Girl” by the Temptations

(The Temptations in the early 1960’s)

Without a doubt one of my favourites of all times. I can remember the first time I heard “My Girl”, I was just a wee lad recently transported with my family to Miami, Florida. There I met some family members and I grew very close to one of my cousins who was about my same age. We both shared a great love of music and it was him who discovered the Temptations and one morning came over to my house…we lived less than 100 metres away…and played the forty five for me. I was amazed with the rhythm, with the voices and well, the rest is history, I became a Temptations fan for life…

Temptations My Girl in Music Records for sale | eBay

“My Girl” was written by Smokey Robinson and Ronald White and released on the 21st of December 1964 by Motown Records and in 2004 was placed as number 88 in Rolling Stone’s Best 500 songs of all times. This song began the era of David Ruffin as lead singer for The Temps…

The Temptations on the Ed Sullivan Show.JPG
(The Temptations in the late 1960’s)

The Temptations were formed in Detroit, Michigan (USA) and are considered very significant in the development and continuation of R&B and Soul. They were the first Motown act to win a Grammy and one of the groups that have stayed the longest…40 years…with the label.

I leave you with a video of a 2018 Fourth of July presentation of The Temptations as they are now. They are still here, although with new members…

And here are the words, although I think almost everyone can sing along anyways, but, just in case…

I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day.
When it’s cold outside I’ve got the month of May.
I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl).
I’ve got so much honey the bees envy me.
I’ve got a sweeter song than the birds in the trees.
Well, I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)

Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl).
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
I don’t need no money, fortune or fame.
I’ve got all the riches, baby, one man can claim.
Well, I guess you’d say
What can make me feel this way?
My girl (my girl, my girl)
Talkin’ ’bout my girl (my girl).
I’ve got sunshine on a cloudy day
With my girl.
I’ve even got the month of May
With my girl

Talkin’ ’bout
Talkin’ ’bout
Talkin’ ’bout
My girl
My girl
As long as I can talk about my girl…

This is a song that lifts your heart, cleans your spirit and makes you feel like dancing and when you’re dancing, bloody hell, you can conquer the world!

I hope you liked this entry and will also visit the companion photo montage videos of the Temptations and the year 1964.


Mondays of art and poetry…(art) JaZzArT drawings

(Original ink on paper drawing by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)
(Original graphite and ink drawing by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)
(Original graphite on paper drawing by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Drawing is essential in art. Some of the best painters in history were also great illustrators and drew with much skill. For me drawing is my favourite activity although it has to share time with painting and writing (and blogging).

When I draw I only focus on the topic at hand, or in mind. The rest comes through when I enter a sort of trance state, at least that is how I define it because when I finish…and I usually draw one complete work a day…I sometimes don’t know how I did it or if I can even do it again.

So for me drawing is a meditative experience as well as an artistic one.

I leave you a short photo montage video of some of my drawings with original music by AJA (


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Zum alten Ricky…

“Zum alten Ricky” is an abstract painting done with acrylics on canvas measuring 60 (61) centimetres by 50 centimetres. The reference is an old house in the depths of the forest, long forgotten where a supposed man that some call “Ricky” lives or lived. The intensity of the foliage is represented in the depth created by the colour mix where earthy tones come together with the blues of the sky that filters through tall branches and the metallic silver and gold act as reminders of the will of man. The circles remain as constant reminders that we are not a product of chance but of intelligence as three is the magical number of perfection.

More paintings are available at my studio, and you can see more following my Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera


Domingos de arte, música y poesía: (poema), <Cuídate>

(Foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Cuídate de los sueños

que te miman y engañan,

te llevan al pozo pero no te dan agua,

te sirven manjares y vinos,

y serán lo que nunca tu has sido…

Cuidado con darte un gustazo con ganas

pues cuando despiertes será de mañana

y verás te arrepientes…

Cuidado que el sueño es un cruel maricón

es jodido y no entiende ni sufre dolor,

te deja cuando mas lo precisas,

te roba la prisa…

La prisa por ganarle al tiempo,

que es otro cabrón que vive solo en silencio,

que te arruga la piel y te pinta de canas,

y se ríe cuando mueres solito en la cama…

Así que hay muchos peligros que en fin nos rodean,

nos dan mala leche nos pudren, cabrean,

y no tengo remedios ni consejos que darte,

solo te animo a cuidarte.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 23 de agosto de 2020, Valencia, España 🇪🇸

Sundays of Art, Music and Poetry: (poem), “He Saw Tulips and Roses”

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Born in a tent in a circus

while thousands of horses were slaughtered and eaten,

while storms of hail and of fire

ravaged the town, the country, the cities,

yet when he opened his eyes he saw tulips and roses

and heard sweet children humming

a song that was written in heaven by angels

or was it the laughter of daemons that was filling his ears with delirium…

The birth of a soul

is a universe glowing,

complete and perfected,

yet still slowly growing,

and knowledge is stamped in his brain,

while memories leave,

intuition remains,

superstitious and vulgar,

cruel, vicious and wise,

the human condition will rise

from the darkness of nightmares,

from the depth of the sea,

to later become you and me.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 23 AUG 2020, Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸

Sundays of Art & Music: (music), The Beatles at Shea Stadium

The Beatles en Shea Stadium: bitácora de un fin de semana épico ...
(15 AUG 1965)

1965, the year that Capitol Records…the Beatles label in America…launched the album Help! on the 13th of August, the same day the fab four arrived in the United States.

The lads had already rocked Europe and had played at salons in Paris, Italy and Spain and now (1965) they crossed the pond to conquer America. The North American tour would take them to Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, Minneapolis, Portland, San Diego, Los Angeles and finally, San Francisco.

The Beatles at Shea Stadium: Turning Point for Boomers

The day after their arrival (14 AUG 65) they recorded their presentation on the Ed Sullivan Show. They played six songs in two sets. The songs were: “I Feel Fine”, “I’m Down” y “Act Naturally”, in the first set and in the second: “Ticket To Ride”, “Yesterday” y “Help!”.

The Beatles at Shea Stadium 10 | Beatles Archive

However, the highlight of their tour was the mega-concert, the concert that would kick off future concerts in such venues as stadiums and arenas, which was on the 15th of August 1965 at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York. The Beatles played before a screaming mob of 55.600 people (mostly young women). They set a record for attendance and set the bar for bands to come.

The show included many opening acts to include The Young Rascals. Then Ed Sullivan himself introduced the band reminding the audience that the lads had been hailed in Europe, loved in North America and decorated by their Queen…

Beatles performed at Shea Stadium 50 years ago, August 15, 2015 ...

The Beatles played for a little over a half hour and played these songs: “Twist and Shout”, “She’s a Woman”, “I Feel Fine”, “Dizzy Miss Lizzy”, “Ticket to Ride”, “Everybody’s Trying to be My Baby”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Baby’s in Black”, “I Wanna Be Your Man”, “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Help!” and they closed with “I’m Down”.

The concert was recorded, although plagued with errors and mistakes due to the fact that the lads could not hear themselves play above the shouting from the crowd. However, they did re-record some of the bass lines and the piano from “I’m Down” and the film was created. It debuted on the tele on the 1st of March 1966. Fifty four years later, the movie rocks.

Rare photographs of The Beatles at Shea Stadium | Beatles Archive

The tickets to the Beatles at Shea Stadium ranged in price between 4,50 and 5,65 US Dollars…

As a Beatles fan (life-long) I just wanted to bring this event to your eyes and ears, my friends. In this day and age, and especially those of us who travelled through the seventies and the eighties, we are used to seeing mega-bands play mega-venues, but who started it all, back in 1965 (54 years ago) were the fab four, the mop-tops from Liverpool, The Beatles. I cannot say it enough, they did it all, they played all types of music, they actually took pop music, sealed it in a huge balloon and let it sail above all the rest.

THANKS! Póster de los Beatles en SHEA Stadium: Home & Kitchen


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