Friday: Omnia Caelum Art: “Elektra in the Garden”

(Original artwork by FBC, “Electra in the Garden”, acrylics on canvas, 70 cm x 50 cm, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia collection)

“Electra in the Garden” is my latest painting right now…as there is another one in progress…and now forms part of the Omnia Caelum collection for sale here in Valencia or across the globe. Like I mention above, I painted in in layers of acrylic on a white canvas.

The significance of the painting is up to you. Of course, I gave it a name that evokes Greek antiquity and as well theatre (Sophocles) and perhaps some religious connotations, i.e. the garden. Is it the Garden of Eden? But what does Electra, daughter of Agamemnon, the one who with her brother Orestes, plots to revenge his death and takes revenge upon her mother Clytemnestra, yes, this Electra, what does she have to do with the Garden of Eden? Nothing…

So, this is not the Garden of Eden, represented here with five flowers growing on a vine, represented by a black like with black leaves. The female figure to the left is full of colour and she has a green-ish background. Yet, the garden, to the right, has a background which is grey and faded and resembles more a wall whose paint has been withered, damaged and faded. The female…Electra…may well represent an ancient Greek heroine who avenged her murdered father, but she may represent any female. A woman who reflects, on her skin, the colours of her world, her world views, her interior life and perhaps even her external surroundings.

The five flowers in the garden represents perhaps the five fingers of the hand, the five Graces of God, the number five as the untouchable number, the number of appendages on starfish, the atomic number of Boron, the symbol of the five senses, the god Shiva has five faces, the five wounds of Christ, the Five Pillars of Islam, the five books of the Torah, the Khamsa has four fingers and one thumb, ergo, five digits, Aristotle thought the universe is composed of five elements, the pentagram, the perfect fifth, the five interlocked rings of the Olympic symbol, or the five families of the Italian Mafia

(“Electra in the Garden” while in progress)

So the painting is purely decorative. It could be, there is nothing wrong with that, because one of the qualities of art is that art is decorative. I mean, don’t you think that Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel to decorate it? Of course. there is nothing wrong with art as decoration as decoration is something beautiful that engages the eye and pleases the mind of the spectator. It is a valuable quality.

But my art is not purely decorative. In those symbols there is a message and a meaning and the meaning is transferred as language. That is another attribute of art, that it is a language…

Thank you. I would like to present items of my Omnia Caelum Collection that are chosen for sale. If you are interested please contact us via my Instagram, @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and there you can see just about everything the collection has (or had as many have been sold and are getting sold continuously).

I leave you with a short video clip of some of my work in black and white, illustrations made with graphite and ink on paper of different size, but mostly 37,5 cm x 29 cm, some matted, some not…and please do not forget to hit that like button, follow, subscribe to my YouTube channel and re-blog.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, thank you!


  1. lifeinkarolingston · 30 Days Ago

    Beautiful piece of art! Enjoy your weekend! 🙂

  2. Katy Claire · 30 Days Ago

    Gorgeous piece, Francisco! 😍

  3. jiayali · 30 Days Ago

    Beautiful art Francisco…😊😊

  4. Brad Osborne · 30 Days Ago

    A beautiful piece, my friend. And the black and white paintings in the video are beautiful. I am amazed that, even with the absence of the rich and vibrant colors I have come to associate with your work, you are able to catch a moment, a vision, of something and render it with such emotion and feeling. You have a unique gift and I am so glad you have decided to share it with the world. Bravo, Francisco!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 30 Days Ago

      I truly appreciate your words Brad, thank you very much for being a great friend, supportive and offering such encouragement. I am so glad you have liked them. I used to draw on a daily basis for several years and that was how I developed the Jazz art series that although I’ve sold many of them, there are still so many left. I used to paint more often as well, especially last year, but this year I have slowed down, given more time to writing, studying, researching and experimenting more with the guitar, the bass and the keyboards and creating abstract music, which is really an absurd statement as all music is completely abstract. Anyways, have a great Friday (my favourite day) and weekend!

  5. beth · 30 Days Ago

    beautiful, and I love your thoughts on the female figure here

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 30 Days Ago

      Thank you Beth, I am so very glad you liked it…I’ve been working on this one for a while to get the right colours…take good care and have a great weekend!

  6. PaperKutzs · 29 Days Ago

    U live this artwork

  7. · 22 Days Ago

    Beautiful 🌻💛

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