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HISTORY…Something you CANNOT erase

(Defacing a public structure is a criminal offense)

History…the way we interpret and define the word, is the recounting of things, people and events that have passed. Well, ok, that is my attempt at a definition. The Cambridge Dictionary says History is:

The study of or a record of past events considered together, especially events of a particular period, country, or subject.

So, if it is something of the “past”, that means that it necessarily has absolutely nothing to do with the present…or the history that is being done at the moment…and it is just there as a “record”.

We are civilised, educated people, therefore we assume that we are better than those of us who came before us, especially those who existed in the more remote periods of our evolution. We believe we have evolved into better human beings. But I question that…

What I believe is that we’ve no right…or authority…to disrespect history. We have the obligation of correcting mistakes that were thought of as being proper in the past, but we’ve no right to try to erase history. Defacing statutes, tearing down monuments is something that cannot be tolerated, that must be prosecuted as a criminal offense.

(How dare anyone judge a man of the XVth C. by today’s standards)
(St. Junipero Sierra, vandalised in L.A.)

Another problem with the authorities allowing people to simply decide what is right and what is wrong and then take action is that many mistakes can be made. The looters, the vandals that defaced the statute of a Christian Saint in Los Angeles decided that he was a part of the American Confederacy!

History does not belong to the masses that think they can rule the streets. History belongs to all of humanity. Statutes are there whether you agree with them or not. If you disagree with what the subject of the statute stood for, then you do not have to look at it. There are many things we disagree with but we do not destroy them. We’ve not the right.

Racism is not a patrimony of white people. Racism, which is reprehensible, exists among all groups, all nations and all “races” on earth. Therefore no one is right, we may all be wrong but as long as we do not act with hatred, we can attempt to get along, to tolerate each other’s faults and to coexist.

(This is not an example of freedom, this is a criminal offense)

I want to know what you think because frankly this situation is getting out of hand, in my opinion, and monuments are also works of art. I hope we can discuss these things, converse and share ideas in a friendly and nice way, with respect for all opinions.