(Photograph property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, C.2020 All Rights Reserved)

The light is ever changing,

pattterns form and dissipate,

and we are still

pretending that we can create

and understand the voices

that, in the night and in our ear, whisper “I love you”.

We know nothing…

The light is ever present,

although we cannot see it…

A seagull flies by my window

and I feel a sense of awkwardness

at not being able to fly.

But to not fly is not a limitation,

it is liberation…

A journey is a period one cuts out of time,

a reflection is not pure,

a reflection is a fiction that we

write of the non-fiction of our lives…

The light is always present

and I will wait at my window

until I see your shape,

ever present in my mind,

becoming more delicious as time

goes by…

to devour every inch of your skin…

Light is not included and not invited

to spend the night

that we will claw out of the rocks of time

that separate us…

In conclusion,

light never changes,

it is all in my mind…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 07 APR 2020, Valencia, Spain


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  1. Brad Osborne · April 7

    A beautiful reminder of the constants in our lives! The form punctuates the emotions so well and the imagery is enchanting. You take us on a journey and then bring us home with your closing lines. Very well written, Francisco!

    • Thank you for your beautiful words my friend, I really appreciate reading your remarks and greatly appreciate your replies. I’ve revived some older work that I had stored for days of quarantine, I guess 🙂 Take good care

      • Brad Osborne · April 7

        I know what you mean, Francisco. I have works I had written more than a month ago to share on my blog, but when they shifted to the subject of the pandemic and its outlying intricacies, they seem to shout for the spotlight of the now. The others will have to wait.

      • Absolutely!

  2. NZain · April 7

    “The light is always present
    and I will wait at my window
    until I see your shape,
    ever present in my mind,”
    Beautifully written, Francisco! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Nina. I really appreciate your words, very kind and from the heart. Thank you again. Take good care and stay safe.

      • NZain · April 7


  3. ourcrossings · April 7

    Loved your poem, Francisco 😊 beautifully written as always 😀 Aiva

    • Hello Aiva and thank you 😊 I always appreciate your thoughts and your replies. Take good care, hope you’re all good and stay safe 😊

  4. paeansunplugged · April 7

    This is so profound in its simplicity! Beautifully expressed.

  5. short-prose-fiction · April 8

    Superbly written Francisco. Between “The light is ever changing” and “light never changes, it is all in my mind…” the desire is ethereal and lustful at the same time. Between the non-fiction of our lives and an illusory shape perhaps there is an I love you. The poem has lots of plans that intersect each others (we are still pretending that we can create; to not fly is not a limitation,it is liberation; …. ” almost like your paintings. There is a common denominator here. You are caught between an oneiric plan and a real one. From the movements between the two your unbelievable art stems.
    Eres fantástico Francisco.

    • Thank you 😊 Gabriela! I had not thought of that, I mean I rarely analyse and I think you’re absolutely right about this interpretation. Of course I don’t work instinctively, I plan and develop, rewrite and change, modulate and rearrange thoughts and intentions but…anyways I really appreciate the way you explain things, and thank you again! You are kind and your words mean a lot to me. I know they come from your heart ❣. Cuídate,
      Dos besos,

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