(“Los Maravillosos” original drawing by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, graphite and India ink on paper, private collection Spain, All Rights Reserved C.2020)

Now that we can stay in bed all day,

when night and sandwiches are stored

in plastic bags,

and in the kitchen eggs stare at the ceiling,

we must conclude, sans doute, that we are mad…

Now that we are reaching for the shower,

while raindrops cool the fresh baked morning bread,

the clock down in the basement has lost hours,

the cat is oh so still, I think she’s dead…

Now that all our friends have learned to salsa,

ballroom dancing we have learned instead,

you know that I should lead as I’m the alpha,

and you have turned translucent, garnet red…

Now that I can kiss you slow and tender,

when the cashier smiles at me and says,

flowers for immaculate pretenders,

I offer you these yellow midnight rays…

Now that you have learned to wear stilettos,

when I’ve trained with iron balls and chains,

when we’re free from walking through the ghettos,

skin to skin and dancing we’ll remain…

Now that we can stay in bed for hours,

the wine we toast to spring has reached our head…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 06 APR 2020, Valencia, Spain


  1. A breathtaking poetic and beautiful flow of words. 🙂

  2. windsofchange18 · April 6

    love love this!

  3. short-prose-fiction · April 7

    This is fantastic! What a poem! Nothing can match my enthusiasm after reading this piece.
    Excellent my dearest Francisco.
    Perhaps I’m going mad 🙂

    • Hola and thank you! Well I’m certainly glad that you liked it, I’ve been working on it for a while now… But maybe we’re all a bit mad 😁

      • short-prose-fiction · April 7

        It’s a superb poem. I am sure we are all a bit mad now. And you killed the cat 🐈 why did you do that, Francisco?

      • She wasn’t really dead, she was acting 🙄

      • short-prose-fiction · April 7

        I see. She was acted in a play directed by you. How was her acting? 😊

      • Hmm…well, not bad for an amateur but she needs to get more into the character…but I can see that it would be hard for a German Shepherd to act like a little Sphinx cat! 🙂
        Here are the verses I replied to you with:
        “Now that all the walls are newly painted,
        scratched and splattered with uncertainties,
        I search my soul to find your shadow,
        you, who transcends the years…
        Now that we can love as we should,
        we still haven’t loved,
        and still our walls rise high above
        the hand prints we had left there yesterday…”

      • short-prose-fiction · April 7

        I think I fell asleep in the middle of this conversation last night 🙂 ( I actually think it was early morning here). I must have been very tired. Now I am waking up to a German Shepherd. Where did he come from? Was he in the cast?
        Thank you for sending me your verses. They are gorgeous. I saved them. I will work a draft and send it to you. It’s not going to be soon Francisco because I am overwhelmed with other work. But it will happened. I love those verses therefore it will happen.
        Thank you for the read and the wonderful comments.
        Have a magnificent afternoon. Oh, put the eggs in the refrigerator. Don’t let them to stare at the ceiling.

      • Hehe…ok, the Shepherd was acting (she’s a natural) as a cat sleeping (or perhaps dead? I don’t know, an actor prepares internally for these roles…) and she did a marvelous job! Smashing good I say! And I am so glad you liked the verses…take your time…and yes, it must have been about 0400 hours for you, if you are on the east coast, more if further west as Europe is six hours ahead of US EST…yes, get plenty of rest, and when you’ve a minute then work on it, no rush. Now, reference the eggs…ok, as long little chickens don’t start coming out (pollitos) of them…so, if they don’t stare at the ceiling, I will let the tomatoes take their place. How about that? Take good care my dear friend,
        besos de Espanya,

      • short-prose-fiction · April 8

        I love your verses Francisco.
        What a scene! A Shepard acting like a cat; possible pollitos invading the kitchen like pollo tropical invaded Miami; frozen tomatoes; an unfinished conversation at 4am in the morning. I am seeking shelter 😉 You are in charge. Call me back when you have everything under control. 🙂 By the way where is the wine? 🙂
        Have a great Wednesday Francisco.
        P.S. pollo con arroz en el refri. 🙂

      • Mare meva! ¡Pollo con arroz en el refri! ¡Que bien! The wine was from Turís (valenciano) and very good for 3€…hehehe 😊 los pollitos se fueron a Gandía a la playa 🏖 imagínate…que pases un miércoles feliz y mañana será jueves santo y mitad de la semana…un beso querida amiga,

      • short-prose-fiction · April 9

        “los pollitos se fueron a Gandía a la playa.” Ellas estan bien? Ellas nadaron? 🙂

      • Si, en Gandia siempre se está bien y allí todos nadan… 😊

      • short-prose-fiction · April 9


      • short-prose-fiction · April 9

        Take care of them 💕

      • I will until they are big enough to eat?

  4. short-prose-fiction · April 7

    Francisco, I said “Last tango in Valencia” perhaps it will be just “Tango in Valencia.” I really liked the verses that you wrote. I want to work with but I cannot find them anymore. I don’t know where that comment was placed. When you get a chance can you point me toward them somehow?

  5. Brad Osborne · April 7

    Masterfully written, My friend!

    • Brad! Thank you! Hope you are well on this Tuesday…19 days more to go! Take good care and all the best,

      • Brad Osborne · April 7

        So far, so good. Tomorrow is supposed to be a beautiful day here, and if so, I am hoping to get a motorcycle ride in. I promise that will change my mood immensely. Take care and stay safe, dear friend!

      • Enjoy it Brad! We all have to stay positive and in a good mood…take good care and I hope it is a beautiful day! It is raining here but that makes me feel like I would not have gone outside anyways 🙂

  6. graham mcquade · April 7

    Lovely drawing Francisco and the line: and in the kitchen eggs stare at the ceiling had an Aladdin Sane feeling – maybe it was the translation. Keep painting the end could be in sight.

    • Thank you Graham! Ah, David Bowie, one of my favourite artists…yes, the end is in sight my friend, 19 more days and I hope we are let out to at least take a walk about town! All the best to you! And I loved the last painting you posted! Great work Graham!

  7. Orca Flotta · April 22

    Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Rarely ever have paintings and words mixed and collaborated as perfectly as in Francisco Bravo Cabrera’s blog.

    His paintings and poems are jazz music, made visible.

    • Thank you 😊 thank you very much! I am humbled by your words and truly appreciate you re blogging my work! All the best,

  8. Roxane Bravo · April 22

    Now that we can stay in bed all day, I love it

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