1. Brad Osborne · April 6

    You have capture the power and motion beautifully! And amongst the chaos lies the hidden. The less angular appearance sets it apart from many of your other works and leaves me feeling the wind in my hair. Well done, dear friend!

    • Thank you! That is a great analysis, and I truly appreciate it! You know I never analyse my work, I do have an internal reference for all of them, none of them are random…but I really like your interpretations and replies, thank you, my friend, stay well…a beautiful day here in the Mediterranean…I went out to day today to the supermarket, the highlight of the week! Hehehe 🙂 it’s ok, only 21 more days! My last military deployment was for 21 days as well (in 2011) and it was to a beautiful island…take good care my friend and all the best!

      • Brad Osborne · April 6

        I can only tell you what your art makes me feel. I am not educated enough to say what is good or bad, so I am stuck with I either like it or not. And when it strikes me a certain way, I feel lucky to have a way to share that directly with the artist. We are hearing here in the states that things seem to be improving in your country. I can only hope that is true and the trend continues. Glad you got outside for a bit. The fresh air had to be as enjoyable as the groceries you bought. Stay safe, stay home, stay strong!

      • The best judgement of art is always I like it or I do not, you are on the right track there…yes, things are getting better here and we are over the peak and going down in cases and in deaths and going up in those who have recovered, (which have always been the majority, thank God)…I can only hope that people take good care of themselves so that we can stop this virus in all countries. My prayers with all and in particular with the US…and yes, absolutely, being outside was a thrill! Funny how suddenly those little things become so important and so fulfilling! Life can be simple…I don’t know how it got that complicated…now simple things become the most attractive…take good care, stay strong too! All the best,

  2. short-prose-fiction · April 6

    Magnificent. The movement of the colors is unbelievable. This sing when they move. The piece engages all senses. I am in awe, Francisco. You are a great artist.

    • Thank you 😊 Gabriela! I try to put some movement in some pieces, yes, and I love that, that they sing! Really appreciate your thoughts…

      • short-prose-fiction · April 6

        My pleasure. I really love the colors too. How do you call that palette?

      • the palette, yes…I try to use as many colours as possible but I like to mix and create my own colours, I used to do that more in the early days…In the US I used to go to big art stores, here in Valencia, they are much smaller and the varieties of paint is much less…but I guess there’s always Amazon…

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