Been tagged for 10 things that make me HAPPY!

(photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

The very lovely and talented Saba Niaz Siddique has tagged me! Greetings Saba, and all the best…hope I am doing this right! But here they are, these are some of the things that make me happy, and not in that order, they could all share space number one:

  1. The Sea and Seafood
  2. Spring and Summer
  3. Wine, cheese and chorizo
  4. Friends
  5. Walks through my city and through the beach
  6. Music
  7. Movies
  8. Cats
  9. Painting, poetry and writing
  10. Valencia

Since I do not know who to tag, I would say that anyone that would like to be tagged should consider themselves tagged and also list their ten things that make them happy.

Happiness is something that we all strive for and hopefully we will always achieve…

Hope you are all as happy as can be. In times like these (pandemic) it is very important to maintain one’s good humour and peace of mind amidst all the bad news one is exposed to. I suggest that we all turn off the news, after all we do not need to be bombarded 24/7 with mostly useless information, and instead turn towards our loved ones or towards something that can be more useful and less stressful and damaging.

My love to all and my wishes that we all come through this as healthy as possible. Stay home and be safe!



  1. Saba,NiazSiddique · 12 Days Ago

    Thank you so much Francisco for your lovely response 🤗
    You are absolutely right, it’s really a time to shut off this sensationalism. We need to get and share happiness that could give relief. Listening to the same news 24/7 is only increasing fear among people.
    It’s better to connect with our loved ones to reduce the atmosphere of fear.
    Have a blessed time 😊

  2. thelonelyauthorblog · 12 Days Ago

    Graet positive post.

  3. janetsm · 12 Days Ago

    With all the bleak news coming out of Spain, your list of ten things that make you happy made me smile. Stay safe and happy, my friend.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

      Thank you Janet, I am glad it put a smile on your face…we have a saying in Spanish that roughly translated means “put on your good face to face bad weather, or bad times” (al mal tiempo buena cara) and that is what we are all trying to do…Stay safe my friend from North Carolina,
      all the best

  4. popsiclesociety · 12 Days Ago

    The sea is wonderful 🌊😉 a happy place indeed 😉

  5. MichaelStephenWills · 12 Days Ago

    Your top ten….will contemplate these. Wonderful

  6. thegenxtravels · 12 Days Ago

    Great list!!!

  7. Sheree · 12 Days Ago

    Great Tag!

  8. ourcrossings · 12 Days Ago

    Fantastic list, Francisco! The ocean makes me very happy too. Have a good evening, my friend 😊 Aiva

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

      Yes! One of my favourite things, I was born next to the sea and I cannot live too far from it. Thank you Aiva, and all the best!

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