Good Morning Spring

(Photography property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Good morning Spring and welcome,

Nine months waiting is too long,

You don’t have to be so faithful,

You can cheat on winter, life goes on…

Now that trees are turning greener,

I can hear the sparrows song,

We’ve just had enough of winter,

All night long…

Flowers in my mother’s garden,

Raindrops in the afternoon,

Good night Spring you cannot come too soon…

Sitting lovely on my terrace,

Is a beauty just like you,

Sharing drinks besides the fountain of our youth…

Don’t delay your sweet arrival,

My home needs the warmth that you,

Bring as much needed survival,

Be my truth…

Bring back life, the snows are melting,

Rays of light through clouds of grey,

Hello Spring you’ve made your journey,

It’s your day…

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 25 MAR 2020, Valencia, Spain 🇪🇸


  1. Brad Osborne · 13 Days Ago

    What a beautiful ode to spring! I can feel the warm air in your words. Well written, Francisco!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

      Good morning Brad! Thank you! I really appreciate your words and your replies. Take good care, all the best,

  2. short-prose-fiction · 13 Days Ago

    This such a gorgeous piece Francisco. It flows like a spring river. The flowers in my mother’s garden… this is one of my first spring memory. The poem caresses the soul and energizes the mind. It’s as beautiful as the green of spring.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

      Thank you! Gabriela that is a very sweet memory…I appreciate your reply and your thoughts and the way you interpret my writing is beautiful. All good here nearing the middle of our second week of quarantine…hope all’s well on your side of the world. Take good care,
      Love from recuperating Spain,

      • short-prose-fiction · 13 Days Ago

        My pleasure Francisco and thank you for your kind words. From the bottom of my heart I hope Spain is recuperating. The news yesterday sounded awful. Let’s hope that spring will heal us all. The beautiful spring from your poem.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

        Thank you Gabriela…I do not listen to the news anymore…I can feel that we’ve reached our peak and the numbers (the bad numbers) are going down and the good numbers (people cured) are going up…we’ve two and a half more weeks of the State of Alarm and mandatory quarantine, but we’ll get through this…take good care in the US…all the best to you, stay home, stay safe…

      • short-prose-fiction · 13 Days Ago

        My pleasure Francisco. I know you will go through this. We all at the end. I am really happy you have such a positive attitude. It inspires me and I am sure everyone else.
        Take care.

  3. erotismoenguardia · 13 Days Ago

    Good morning life, good morning hope. 🌻🌻

  4. Katy Claire · 13 Days Ago

    This is so lovely in every way! 🌼 Happy Spring!

  5. ourcrossings · 13 Days Ago

    We are finally seeing the first signs of spring too. Daffodils are blooming, the weather is warmer and soon we’ll be able to put away our winter coats! Thanks for sharing such an uplifting poem, Francisco. 😊

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

      You are very welcome Aiva. Yes, my favourite season as it leads into summer. Our weather has been cooler and with less sunshine lately, actually since we started quarantine every day has been cloudy and raining…all the best to you Aiva, stay safe

  6. charlypriest · 12 Days Ago

    You made the writing journey, beautiful photo also.

  7. Midnightlion · 12 Days Ago

    What a beautiful poem on spring, it couldn’t be more lovely!
    Also the new poetry comp is now out and we would love to have you as a contestant!
    New Thursday poetry competition is now open! Enter now!

    Please enter! Thanks and stay safe,
    Midnightlion from Penable

  8. Irina Marques · 12 Days Ago

    Uma boa Primavera para si Francisco, para mim, é uma das minhas estações favoritas 🙂

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

      Gracias Irina, igual para ti…a mi tambien me encanta la primavera. Un saludo de Espanya y un abrazo

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