Got to Remember

(original artwork by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, C.2020, “Eugene” acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm, in Private collection, Madrid, Spain)

An ode to the 2020 Pandemic…I decided to write this from my home, we are all quarantined, as are all residents of the Kingdom of Spain. So although I alluded to “standing on the corner” I really was standing on my balcony…

Standing on the corner

looking at the bar across the street,

it’s been closed now for a week…

Standing next to my supply of wine,

thankfully there’s still much there,

there’s nothing more to pass the time…

But all this has led me to remember…

“Remember what?”

That this ain’t just an invention,

that it ain’t just my imagination

I remembered being on my own

and twenty five miles from home…

They say I may have too much water in my head

but I remember Freddie’s dead

Perhaps we need a Revolution,

for happiness is just an illusion

and the world is just a ball of confusion

people living above their level

to show sympathy for the devil

But I know we need to pray,

I do it always, sitting on the dock of the bay

And as tears go by remember

that I’ll see you in September,

For so quickly, as time goes by

that you’ve forgotten superfly….

On the river of dreams we’ve all been floating

till Electric Ladyland‘s forgotten

when the Whyskey Bars are open

we remember Janis Joplin,

Gary Puckett stayed before you

at the Hotel California

and remember, this won’t last,

as George said:

“All things must pass”.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 23 MAR 20, Valencia, Spain

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  1. Easymalc · 15 Days Ago

    Love the words and the painting – but not the situation. Stay safe my friend

  2. Sheree · 15 Days Ago

    Very good to use all those song titles.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 15 Days Ago

      Thank you Sheree! All the best to you, hope you are good and indoors and safe. Take good care

      • Sheree · 15 Days Ago

        You too!

  3. House of Heart · 15 Days Ago


  4. pedmar10 · 15 Days Ago

    Stay strong my friend, all will be better later. Cheers

  5. ourcrossings · 15 Days Ago

    Yet another fantastic poem, Francisco beautifully put together. And, yes, all things must pass. I hope all is well with you and your family.๐Ÿ˜Š Aiva

  6. DougInNC · 15 Days Ago

    Clever! I like it, but will not share it. At this time, I just do not want anything “going viral.”

  7. Brad Osborne · 14 Days Ago

    Beautifully crafted. The reference to song titles and artists is like an Easter Egg hunt. Little surprises around every corner. The tone and flow are smooth and lyrical. I love the color palette of the painting and the stark image it portrays. Well done my home bound friend! Stay safe!

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 14 Days Ago

      Yes, home bound friend is right! Nine days now! and 19 more to go! But doing good, thank God! Great reference that of the Easter Egg hunt! Love it! Thank you for the reply and I am glad you liked it. I wanted to take some time for a little levity…Take good care and all the best!

  8. tiffanyarpdaleo · 14 Days Ago


  9. nitinsingh · 14 Days Ago

    Stay safe, ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ it will pass to

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

      Thank you ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป I know ๐Ÿ˜Š we all need to stay safe, calm and home ๐Ÿ  you too, my friend, stay safe

  10. Gloria Terry · 13 Days Ago

    A born artist. I admire you.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

      Thank you Gloria, so much! I am so glad you liked my work. Take good care and all the best,

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