My Childhood

(“Botitas” original art by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, All Rights Reserved)
My childhood… I remember, the breeze that flowed through grandma’s olive trees, the lazy days thinking of all the things I’d be, the sound of water running, the sound of thunder growing louder, seeking shelter, rain was welcome to defeat the heat, to complete our feat and to brighten our day, when the rain went away… I remember… the plains of La Mancha, the little cafe where we stopped to enjoy Miguelitos and coffee… My childhood, in the parks of the city, in the gardens where Mum planted pretty white flowers, and I’d spend the hours playing chess with my dad… I remember my childhood, without i-phones or tablets, without playstations we’d play till the sun took repose for the day and sweet nighttime would fall like a curtain in the sky and all these years flew by… C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 31 MAR 2020, Valencia, País Valencià

Liebster Award

I have been nominated by a good friend and fellow blogger, Irina Marques, for the Liebster Award, Discover New Blogs. Irina is a very talented artist and writer whose works I have admired and enjoyed for quite some time now. I truly suggest that you visit her blog and follow her work, which is real, powerful and greatly inspiring.


I like to write poetry, with words, with paints and brushes and with notes on the staff, the music staff that is, like this one:

Notas al pentagrama: 4º Sesión: Aprendizaje de la canción en ...

Of course I did not write “Mary Had a Little Lamb”, although I wish I had…

I run my studio, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia from my hometown, Valencia, País Valencià, which is part of Espanya…

NOMINEES: (Bloggers who inspire me)

I know I could nominate all those whom I follow and who follow me as they are all sources of inspiration and knowledge. Therefore I will. Please feel free to accept this award and to nominate all the others in your blogging community. I think we all deserve it for the time, dedication and work of love that we through our blogs.

With love from Valencia!
Thank you Irina! Thank you all!


Fallas de Dalí 2020

(Detalle de la Falla Cuba-Literato Azorin, Valencia, foto propiedad de FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, Derechos Reservados)


Apareciste por doquier y a cualquier hora,

Te presentaste como un clown en cualquier bar,

Te creíste Mona Lisa en tu aventura,

No se cuando era tu tiempo de pintar.

¿Surrealista? No lo creo…

Muy simplista, sin dudar,

Quisiste ser el genio,

Pero creo,

Que la historia así no te ha de recordar.

Y, que digo de tu obra:

Los relojes derretidos por el tiempo…

Elefantes en un lento caminar…

el torero alucinando…

un fantasma caminando…

el retrato de tu hermano…

el Cristo crucificado…

y el vigote de Velazquez,

¡Hasta en eso lo imitaste!

Fama y pasta si lograste,

pero nada mas…

En las Fallas de Valencia

te sacamos a pasear,

lastima que tu presencia no se pudo quemar…

¿Quién fue el genio de las artes?

Fue Picasso…

Y no tu, que formas partes de bufones y

Esa fama,

Mal ganada,

Algún día terminará.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, València, País Valenciá, Espanya

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The Peaks of Alaska/Los picos de Alaska

Alaska is known as the “last fronteir” and it is certainly a correct way to describe the state and the territory it occupies at the top of the world. I have been there twice and long to return…

I hope you enjoy these photographs of the mountains of three cities, (Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway), in the Inside Passage area of Alaska.

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Al estado de Alaska se le conoce como la última frontera, cosa que de hecho lo es, ya que ocupa un espacio en la cima del mundo, alejado, remoto y salvaje…

He estado dos veces en Alaska y estoy deseoso por regresar…

Espero hayáis disfrutado de este video y de la música que he compuesto especialmente para acompañarlo y que os subscribáis a mi canal de Youtube, además dadle al like y compartir…


Poco Fa…

Qualche tempo fa sono arrivato a pensare che l’universo si stesse esaurendo perché il boccale di birra si stava esaurendo…

Ma l’universo è vino…

E i tuoi baci sono la forza che ci fa godere della bellezza che ci circonda…

E le tue carezze come la marea, mi riempiono di amore per te…

Questa è una canzone che ho scritto qualche tempo fa con il mio gruppo AJA, spero che ti piaccia…ha anche i miei quadri di quegli ann…

Ti amo e ti invito ad iscriverti al mio canale YouTube.

Grazie mille!

Learning Quite Slowly

(Photography property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)


We’re learning how to talk to you,

like ancient comics always do,

in silent pictures long ago,

saying words yet no one knows their meaning.

We’re learning how to walk and dance,

while you float by us sweet romance,

on rocky surfaces,

we take a chance,

we let the blood run through our hands.


yet courteous,

we reach the the cliff

and fly.

The sky is strong and holds us,

the air flows through our hair

and as the daylight calmly recedes,

she leads the way,

for darkness is inviting,

and in her womb we’ll pray,

a lovely prayer for morning,

an ode to sunny days.

We’re trying,

Though quite slowly,

to reach a better way.

C2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 29 MAR 2020, Valencia, España 🇪🇸

To all those quarantined…

I know it is already late afternoon, (1900 hours in Europe and 1400 hours in the US and in India and further east it is the middle of the night) but I thought it would be nice to think it is morning again so we can all join in and sing this song, which I know many will remember and those who are too young will probably have heard it as an oldie but goody many times over…so let us all forget the pandemic, forget that we are locked in, some of us by law and others by common sense and SING!!!

Luv ye all! Stay safe, stay HOME!