1. azurea20 · February 25

    Muy bonitos. Me gustan.

  2. jonicaggiano · February 25

    Francisco I love the way you hung these and the choice of colors. Your work has so many layers. Beautiful my friend. Love ya, hoping you are filled with inspiration and joy this week. Love Joni

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · February 25

      Joni I thank you sincerely and from deep in my heart! You are a lovely person and a wonderful poet and photographer and your words are so meaningful and I love and appreciate them,

      • jonicaggiano · February 26

        Comments from such talent is very humbling. Thank you sweet friend. Your work is truly amazing. Have a blessed evening. Love ya Joni.

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · February 26

        You too Joni, have a lovely day!

  3. mizan · March 2

    Great important post, where you make the main focus, really makes me happy for its necessary of importance.

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