Remembering Blue…AJA

(“Remembering Blue” words & music by Francisco Bravo Cabrera with AJA)

It was first a thought…then a play with music. I called it “El Bolerista” because of the way I idealised those singers of boleros and the somewhat decadent, sensual and even erotic words of the songs they sang as part of that gender…then it became Pharrssongs, then SimonBodo, then the Abstract Jazz Arrangement. In 1999, with the assistance of some of the lads in the photo above, we recorded this: a three song EP called “YaYa” which I dedicated to New Orleans.

Then came “Remembering Blue” in 2004…lamentably, by that time some of the lads in the pic above had passed to a better life…

The photographs I took and placed in the video clip are from my trips to the Aegean Coast of Turkey…

Thank you and if you would like to see my artwork, please follow me on Instagram, @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera

and for AJA (piano Jazz):



  1. short-prose-fiction · 12 Days Ago

    Oh, I love the music and the words. They are gorgeous. The clip is also beautiful and the picture is a killer. You guys look fantastic.

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