Life is what it Seems

The air is full of thoughts today,

and the sunlight fights its way to get to me,

but when I feel its warmth,

I turn and seek the rain.

Forever is an empty kitchen in a speeding train,

and everywhere I look, life is still the same.

It’s still a shame

to think of life as shadows on the street,

because the hard concrete is not a place for flowers,

nor is the asphalt black upon where buses run,

passing by, rushing lifetimes into hours.

And we silently stand patiently and wait,

for buses running late.

Some of us are prone to strolling

through forests to reach hopes and dreams,

leaving thoughts in the air we breathe,

and without noticing,

I do believe,

life and all is nothing more than what it seems.

C. 2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 13 FEB 2020, Valencia, España


  1. whisperingleavesblog · 13 Days Ago

    Life is! Let us give thanks for it. Thank you for making me think.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 13 Days Ago

      Always thankful, every day! I am glad I made you think. I did think a lot myself about it. Thank you!

  2. short-prose-fiction · 12 Days Ago

    Good evening, Francisco. I hope it’s a beautiful evening in Valencia.
    \I love your poem. It’s gorgeous and it’s painful…

    passing by, rushing lifetimes into hours.
    And we silently stand patiently and wait,
    for buses running late.

    Aren’t we?

    It made me think at
    “Have patience, O my sorrow, and be still.
    You asked for night: it falls: it is here.
    A shadowy atmosphere enshrouds the hill…” C. B.

    I wish you an evening filled with red roses and silky breezes.
    mil abrazos

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

      I am happy, very happy that you liked this poem, it was one I’ve been fighting with for a while but today I decided to work on it and finish it. Yes, the day was filled with sunshine and quite lovely 😊 I hope yours was the same. I didn’t think of this poem as painful but I trust your insights and I know they come from your heart, which couldn’t be lovelier because from it come your beautiful words, verses and stories,
      Mil abrazos de Valencia,

      • short-prose-fiction · 12 Days Ago

        Thank you so much for your lovely reply, Francisco. Art resonates in different ways with people. Again, I don’t need to tell you that. Probably you know that better than I do. I read the poem again and this time the ending stands out more
        “life and all is nothing more than what it seems.” That could be interpreted in different ways. Am I dealing with a realist? 🙂 Do I believe it? It does not matter. Your beautiful poetry makes it believable. And that matters.
        Have the loveliest day in Valencia, and next time you go to your favorite breakfast place, please send me the menu 🙂

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

        I’ll send you a picture of our beautiful morning and my wishes that yours is the same! Art does resonate in different ways with different people, very well said…a realist? Maybe but not to the extent where I cannot be a dreamer. For example, rational explanations I never search for, I believe in magic…breakfast? Cafe solo y pa amb tomàquet … have a lovely 😊 day!
        Un abrazo valenciano,

      • short-prose-fiction · 10 Days Ago

        Hello Franscico,
        Where is my picture? 🙂 Haha! I am going to suppress those childish impulses of mine and start again.
        Dear Francisco,
        Thank you for offering to send me a picture. I look forward to receive it.
        “Maybe but not to the extent where I cannot be a dreamer.” Can you be more specific? What’s the ratio of realism to ideationalism (such as in being a dreamer) in you? I can’t stop myself today. I apologize. I’m joking.
        “Cafe solo y pa amb tomàquet” It sounds divine.
        ¿Puedo agregar queso?
        I’d better stop.
        Francisco, I wish you a lovely afternoon: beautiful, lazy, dreamy…
        Thank you for your support and for your kind words.
        Dos abrazos

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 10 Days Ago

        Well, I think I am a rational sort of person but I don’t always like rational explanations, I prefer something a little more creative, more imaginative, more interesting than plain facts. Of course, when I paint or write I go into a different state of being and I don’t accept psychological answers that tell me that it is just the conscious mind or the subconscious et cetera, I prefer to think of myself as being able to tap into different sources, those that are not in the specific realm of science, and don’t get me wrong, I greatly am a fan of science and technology but I am also a fan of magic, of the imagination and of explanations to things that are not rational…I know that there is much more than what I can see and there is more to hear than what I hear and that Mozart at six was writing symphonies…now tell me that was not a supernatural thing! You can add all the cheese you like to the pan con tomate…of course! I wish you a lovely afternoon and evening as well y
        tres abrazos,

      • short-prose-fiction · 10 Days Ago

        cuatro abrazos,

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 10 Days Ago


  3. athousandbitsofpaper · 12 Days Ago

    Beautiful ‘

  4. jonicaggiano · 12 Days Ago

    There were days I felt like this in my thirties in an unhappy marriage. Your words are beautifully written. Your poem took me back to days I road a bus to work during those days. “Life is more”. Love 💕 Joni

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · 12 Days Ago

      Thank you Joni and I truly feel glad that you have liked it…memories are such a powerful part of us as are our dreams, hopes and aspirations…
      Have a lovely 😊 day,
      With love, peace and blessings,

  5. Hi, Francisco
    I love this!

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