JaZzArt en Valencia 2019/2020

“Las Caras de Agueda Beatriz” Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia
(Cuadros y dibjuos de Francisco Bravo Cabrera)

INSTAGRAM: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera

JaZzArt en Valencia: http://www.ArtPal.com/rfbravo1155

Piano Jazz de AJA (mi grupo): http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/aja



  1. I love your work!

    Are they for an exhibition in Valencia?

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · February 5

      Thank you so much! I really appreciate your reply and I am so very glad that you have liked it!
      All the best,

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · February 5

      Hello Luwian, yes, they will be in November 2020 although there is a possibility of a gallery opening in June 2020 as well, but I will advise, through the blog, if and when that comes true…
      Thank you,
      All the best,

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  3. ourcrossings · February 5

    Wow, I love this one! The colour palette couldn’t be any more perfect, Francisco! It’s so pleasing and soul filling 😊 Excited to read about your upcoming exhibition in November, you must be over the moon! Aiva

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · February 5

      Thank you! Aiva I truly appreciate your support and encouragement! Thank you so much 😊!!! Take good care

  4. jeofreyogire · February 6

    Wowww! Very nice paint work, well-done my friend

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