Marble and Pain

In the distance I see the ghost

That rises from the filthy cracks

That populate the streets of your dreams.

She stares at me and wonders if I’m thinking of her,

And I smile, the futile half-life smile of Mona Lisa,

non-committal, insincere and false.

The comedy of our existence

is lacking taste and grace,

and in your face I see the questions

coming quickly,

seeking answers,

seeking something I can’t give you at the moment,

but that I would love to share,

and ghosts or not,

you cannot hide from your despair.

In daily conversations

we speak with frank and open words

and we lie with our eyes,

and we hide

within structures of marble and pain.

C.2020, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 02 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain

(This is sort of flash poetry. It tries to tell the story of an instance in time. It tries to define what happens when someone looks at someone else and kind of smiles. It takes an instance in time but it is still communication)

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  1. short-prose-fiction · February 3, 2020

    Gorgeous. Words belie images. Images belie words.
    “we speak with frank and open words
    and we lie with our eyes,”

    We do, don’t we?
    This is beautiful poem Francisco. Straightforward like life. Painful like life (sometimes). You really touched my heart with this poem, Francisco. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. short-prose-fiction · February 4, 2020

    Francisco, I love this poem. Straightforward , splendid.

    “and we lie with our eyes,
    and we hide”

    Words belie images. Images belie words.
    We all do that at a certain point, don’t we?

    “the structures of marble and pain” seal the deal.
    Thank you for sharing such a great poem.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · February 4, 2020

      Thank you Gabriela, I am so glad you have liked this poem. I really appreciate your comments and they mean very much to me! Really learn from your input! Thank you! Un gran abrazo de Valencia! 😊

  3. lapieldelmercado · March 16, 2020

    Mármol y dolor … ./¨A lo lejos veo el fantasma -sin compromiso, poco sincero y falso. _Que surge de las grietas sucias -le falta sabor y gracia, -buscando respuestas /Hablamos con palabras francas y abiertas _Y sonrío, la sonrisa inútil de la vida media de Mona Lisa, -dentro de estructuras de mármol y dolor¨.

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