If the Moon…

(“Si la luna” original artwork by FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

How can I touch your face,

caress your shoulders,

embrace your tender body

if you live on a street that’s paved with moonlight?

I don’t know if her light can sculpt a path

as solid as my shadow,

the darkened me that jumps wonders and dances,

and at that eludes the plasticine confines of childhood memories.

But if the Moon can cast her light on whispers floating in the breeze,

a path to you I’ll find.

And a word can turn a dream into reality.

And a dream can turn a fading thought

into the ashes grey of burning love.

And burning love can clear away

the unwanted hours,

of unwanted days…

29 FEB 2020 Valencia, Spain, Francisco Bravo Cabrera (C.2020)


(“Bulerías por Soleá” by FBC, acrylic on canvas 40x50cm, Private Collection USA)

red roses from Valencia crawl on my arms

the port of Cartagena haunts my dreams

love smells like apricots, cherries and plums

tonight, I will sit on Cape Palos

you will not see me

you will be asleep

your face turned to the sea..

look what’s happening to people like me..

These wonderful verses you just read were written by Gabriela M. (Short Prose) https://shortprose.blog/ Gabriela is a beautiful person and an incredibly talented writer. I know most of you in our beloved community know her and know how precious her work is. In any event, I fell in love with this poem so I decided I would let myself be inspired by the images and by the perfectly chosen words Gabriela has used, so precisely, to carve out her beautiful poem, and add the verses below. I know this is very intrepid of me, but I hope you will understand. Since she did not give a title to the poem, I will name it “Gabriela”…here’s my verses for you, Gabriela…

red wine spirals towards the end of the glass

Castles walk like lonely spirits through the land

far from the sea the mountains crumble with thirst

and you and I are the first

to touch the olive trees…

I clap the rhythm of bulerías por soleá

thinking through the dance of what we could be

that’s what’s happening to people like me…

Chios is My Island

(port of Chios, foto property of FBC, All Rights Reserved)

Chios, Χίος, in Greek or Khios, is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea located very close to the coastline of Karaburun, Turkey. It is called the “Mastic Island” because of its enormous production of mastic gum. Chios is 50K north to south and about 29K east to west.

It is one of my favourite places. I fell in love with this tranquil island several years ago when I first visited. Since then, I spend about a week a year in Chios and I’ve gained lots of good friends there. These are some of my favourite places on Chios…

Chios is said to have been the home of Homer and of Hippocrates as well as the birthplace of Saint Markella (Aya Markella), martyr.

(Aya Markella)

I know that Chios cannot be considered as famous or as glamorous and important (mainly touristically) as Santorini or Mykonos, which I found to be quite beautiful, but for me, give me the more quiet island, give me Chios…

(The brilliance of the sun over the blue Aegean Sea which kisses the smooth rocks of the beaches of Chios, photograph property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

Thank you!

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(“Benito” by FBC, acrylic on canvas 25x30cm Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia, Private Collection Valencia)

Look what’s happening to people like me!

Some say they’ll start a revolution,

yes! A Revolution!

But I wonder through Spain

with Iberian Confusion…

Look what’s happening to those who won’t see!

Where do they hide?

Who are they trying to be?

Each afternoon the Sea of Madrid rises

as does the tide, within glasses of gin-tonics,

to bathe you with sweet words of love

and promises to fly above the Peaks of Europe…

And the only solution?

To market what we know simply to be

Iberian Confusion,

like we do Iberian Ham,

an edible illusion…

Francisco Bravo Cabrera, 27 FEB 2020, Valencia, Spain