Miami Sunsets & Flowers and Misty Sky video…

(foto property of FBC, All Rights Reserved)

Miami is a beautiful city on the east coast, at the end of Florida and almost at the end of the continent of North America, the only thing further south are the Florida Keys and Key West. The sunsets are extraordinary as seen from where I usually saw them, which was Miami Beach.

The clouds are like mountains that form shapes that merge into each other that float along the vastness of the skies…

And the flowers that such abundant sunshine creates is just as awesome…

And so, as the day ends and we all return to our balconies to watch the incredible presence of Mother Nature, we see this as we look to the west…

I always looked towards the west from my flat on the island of Miami Beach to make sure I never missed the sunsets. These are mostly from November and December and in the back you can see the high rises of Downtown Miami…

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(Music by AJA, C.2020 All Rights Reserved)



  1. short-prose-fiction · January 18, 2020

    Beautiful Francisco. The hour of sunsets and flowers over the lands and waters where the the ghost of Ponce de León is still looking for the fountain of youth.

    Your work is fantastic. I saw the pictures from Coconut Grove too. They are excellent.

    The music is great too.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · January 18, 2020

      Thank you Gabriela, I really appreciate your words and your support. All the best to you!

  2. House of Heart · January 18, 2020

    Beautiful, Francisco, lovely photographs and perfect music.

  3. cincinnatibabyhead · January 18, 2020

    On the same page here. I’m reading some John D MacDonald. That’s the closest I get to Miami. Is that you on the piano? I like that cut. Has a real cool groove. You could stay in that for awhile.

  4. parkermccoy · January 19, 2020

    Sunsets like that make me wonder. And that’s a nice thing.

  5. MichaelStephenWills · January 19, 2020

    glorious, Francisco

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