There is No Sun…

(Photo property of FBC, Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia 2019)

There is no sun,

it’s just a scheme,

the road we walk is just a dream,

a trail of light,

reflected on the open sea…

What can be said of what we see…

A paradise?

A marvel?



Or a lie…

We walk and we think we see the sky,

just you and I,

just you and I,

we know it’s only make believe,

but we live on, we live and breathe…

There’s certain things we’ll never know,

connected to places we will never go,

They hide the truth within a cloud,

in plain sight and laughing out loud…

But for the time that we are here,

I’d rather look beyond the tears

of rage that flow

when I am told that I don’t know,

and see instead

the setting sun,





C.2019 Francisco Bravo Cabrera, Valencia, 05 DEC 2019, All Rights Reserved

INSTAGRAM: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera

JaZzArt en Valencia:

Piano Jazz with AJA:



  1. taikisy · December 5

    Looks amazing

  2. ourcrossings · December 5

    Beautiful poem, my friend 😊

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