Omnia Caelum Art in the days of Bodo V…

(Expo in Izmir, Turkey 2016, foto by FBC)

When it all began and I named my studio/gallery Omnia Caelum I signed my art as Bodo Vespaciano and that became the trademark of my work until I decided to end it in 2018…

Now my artwork is signed with my birth name, Francisco Bravo Cabrera, actually I always signed FB during all my periods in art…

But here are the works from those days, at least some of them, exhibited in different places or not…

I am an abstract painter because I’ve defined my own type of abstract art…

I use figures and other things that are easily identifiable but they are abstract of a greater reality. Art has to be crafted, realism is not art, (this is my opinion, I do not want to judge anyone’s work or downplay it’s artistic importance), just like raw emotion is not art in the theatre or in films. The actor creates, artistically, the emotion, then expresses it, represents it. As an artist, I may concentrate on the reality but when I recreate it in a painting, it is an abstraction…

(“Pez Rojo y Pez Azul” acrylic on canvas, 40x50cm Omnia Caelum Studios Valencia)

I also started calling my work “Jazz Art” when I started to paint using the same “rules” a Jazz player uses. I like to define the beginning, then improvise, allowing my composition to develop itself as the composition itself takes shape. I never concentrate on the ending, but on the way to the end…

The important thing for me, reference art, is that it should transmit a message. My messages are subterfuge…so it is up to you to figure them out…

Interpretation? That is up to you. What do you think?

Well, I hope these examples give you an idea of what I was working on, painting wise at the time…from 2003 through the end of 2008. Then I stopped and did not even start drawing until 2011. In that year I started again, renewed strength and passion and started the “JaZzArt” series…

Thank you for your visit and please do not forget to hit that like, share and follow, (if you liked it), and I love hearing from all of you, so please comment. I think that all lovers of art, be it visual, poetic…well everything is poetry in art for me…or photographic, please let us start conversations about art…

INSTAGRAM: @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera

Jazz Art 2019:

Jazz, Piano Jazz (AJA):


I was doing other things from 2008 to 2011…

(foto property of FBC and OCS Valencia, All Rights Reserved)


  1. short-prose-fiction · December 4

    Those paintings are gorgeous.

  2. ourcrossings · December 4

    This was such an interesting read, I was always curious about why it’s called the JazzArt and I’m glad you opened up about the painting process! “I never concentrate on the ending, but on the way to the end”…. That was beautifully written 😊

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · December 4

      Thank you Aiva, very much. Yes, I took the definition, let’s say, that the great jazz masters of New Orleans agreed to back in the days of the beginning of the XXth C. and applied them to my art work. An improvisation, in music, or in theatre (which was my course of study in the University) has a definite beginning but who knows how it will end. Even if you repeat it every night in a show or in a song, it will always end different, so you care only about the road towards the end, but the end will take care of itself, sort of how life is…All the best to you and I really appreciate your visits and love your comments! Have a great night!

  3. mishmoshpoetryandart · February 21

    Love the use of colour…brilliant effect. Bravo, Francisco Bravo!

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