And so this is Jazz Art? Maybe it’s Another Path?

(“Bass & Dancer” oil/acrylic on canvas, 100x90cm Private Collection, Spain, image protected C.2019 All Rights Reserved, Derechos Reservados)
(“June Skies Miami” Private Collection Miami, image C.2019 All Rights Reserved, D. R.)


Racing through a rocky path,

we’re not as fast as sparrows in flight,

nor can we navigate so easily around, below and above obstacles…

But we can see,

if we really try,

the road before us…

I think I chose to be a “jazz” painter because of my love of jazz. Wow! That was a hard one to reckon! No, it may seem easy, but nothing in life is too easy and what appears to be easy may be more difficult than imagined. Perhaps we are only looking at one layer of the onion? But if an onion is made of layers, what happens to the onion when we have peeled off all the layers? Nothing. What happens to a hamburger when you eat it?

Transformation is the essence of the universe and of humankind. Jazz is transformation because the notes, the sounds, they rhythms that are in your head are never the ones that go through the nerve endings, synapses et cetera to get to your fingers to get to the piano, the guitar, bass or the horn. They’ve been transformed and when you realise what you are playing, then you transform that into something else. Incredible! That’s Jazz!

I try to accomplish that transformation in my paintings because the same phaenomenon takes place. The image in your mind’s eye is never the one that turns up on your canvas or paper. It is transformed and then you let the process continue, allowing the elements of the composition to do their thing and create the work. That is the magic of improvisation!


If you would like to see more of my work, as I finish one I post it, follow me on Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera

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  1. B. Gradenko · November 24, 2019

    Me encantan los colores, muy vivos, parece que oyes la música, y yo amo el jazz. Excelente escrito. Saludos

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