Omnia Caelum, Various Works, 2003-2011

(“Guitarra Roja” acrylic on wood 60×72 cm Private collection Miami)

I started professionally in the autumn of 2003 with an exhibition at a gallery in Istanbul, Turkey. After that show, which was rather successful, I concentrated more in places like New York, Miami and other points in South Florida. During those years I developed my concept in art which I called “JazzArt” because of the way the compositions are made and the way the painting is actually done. Basically, I follow the definition of what “Jazz” is as a musical genre and that is that you must do these three things: 1) the player as composer; 2) Improvisation; 3) must swing.

These are some of my JazzArt paintings from those years…

To create using improvisation as your principal tool, you must begin with a line, a pre-conceived line then the painting should start to generate its own shapes, its own forms. I never pre-arrange the figures in my compositions. I never worry about perspectives or if they are in the centre of the canvas. They take care of that themselves as long as I allow the black line to create and swing…

If you would like to see more of my paintings and drawings, please follow me on Instagram, @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera as I post there every time I finish a painting or a drawing. You can also see my 2019 “JaZzArt en Valencia paintings by going to my online galleries,

Now I’ve moved Omnia Caelum to Valencia, a place with some similarities to South Florida, mainly in the proximity of the beach. However, I feel I can be as creative or more so here in Spain which is where I am from. When you are in the land from where you come, your DNA seems to respond favourably. I noticed that as soon as I set foot back in the Iberian Peninsula…

These are some of the drawings from that same period in Miami…

To me a work of art, a drawing or a painting, has to have something to say every time I look at it. I draw and paint what I like, what I find amusing, entertaining, interesting or amazing in this world. I like to experiment, therefore I use the process of improvisation. I don’t try to explain my artwork because I think that if what I have represented does not motivate an explanation in your own words and in your own head, I have not done my job as an artist. Art is communication and the communication must be non-verbal.

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AJA in music:


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