Once You are a River

Xanthos River, Turkey (Antalya)

Once you are a river you can flow…

If you are as water you will never find obstacles and you will always find the level ground and a place to squeeze by…

And no one can hold you in their hands because you flow through their fingers…

Once you are a river you can irrigate the land and bring forth fruit and bring forth grass…

(View from Kalekoy near Antalya, Turkey)

I have always loved to be close to the water. I find that living on the coast gives me a sense of freedom and looking at the sea, or the ocean always gives me peace of mind and a sense of tranquility. No matter how much the waters of the sea look the same, they are always changing, always moving, always offering a new and different panorama and it makes me realise that life is not so complex as we perhaps make it. Yes, there is an enormous complexity in life but that is not our concern as we did not create it, we are the created, we are part of life and therefore need not understand it. Eventually, we will know as we are known…

All we need to do is to simply live life. If you live near the sea and you penetrate the waters with your eyes, with your imagination and with your sense of awe, you will begin to let go of the things that make your life complex and stressful and begin to feel more and think less…

(Marina at Alacati, Turkey)

What can be more joyful and satisfying, as well as a very relaxing way to end a workday, than to sit by the water, with a nice glass of Spanish wine, and listen to the silence of the evening, perhaps only interrupted by the soft sounds of the clanging of the lines that hold the sails as the boats are slightly moved about by the currents of the harbour, and wait for the full moon to make her grand entrance into the stage of the sky…

And once you are a river you can flow into the sea…

And you will be the sea…

I took these pictures on my different trips to Turkey. They are all from the Aegean or the Mediterranean Sea…

I hope you have enjoyed them and if you have, please hit that like button, follow and share and comments are always welcome and encouraged.

I am an artist from Valencia, Spain. If you would like to see more of my artwork (drawings and paintings) please follow me on Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and for my 2019 JaZzArt en Valencia collection of paintings, please visit my online galleries http://www.ArtPal.com/rfbravo1155


(All photographs are the property of Francisco Bravo Cabrera, C.2019 Derechos Reservados)


  1. Passport Overused · October 27, 2019

    Great post 😊

  2. America On Coffee · October 28, 2019

    Suave! I like!❤️

  3. Anna Waldherr · March 8, 2020

    This struck a real chord w/ me. I was a workaholic for many years. Then my health failed, and I had to re-examine my priorities. I had no choice. I now live near the Chesapeake, a beautiful area. The local fishermen who bring in the crabs, oysters, and other seafood for which the Chesapeake is known are called “watermen”. Christ, of course, described Himself as living water.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · March 8, 2020

      Jesus told the woman he would give her living water and she would never thirst…yes, water is life. The Chesapeake area is quite lovely…I am glad you rearranged your priorities as it’s just as important to relax as it is to work. Thank you Anna

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