Miami Beach…

(On the Boardwalk in Miami Beach)

Seagulls love Miami Beach. I have been to many beaches all around Florida, North America, Europe and Asia and they all have seagulls flying around but not as many as there are in Miami Beach…

There are also some little animals that really do not belong there but that were brought, perhaps by people who thought they would be pets and realised that they did not really make good pets and then released them into the “wilds” of Miami Beach, like the Iguanas…

(I want to pay tribute to “Pepe” the Iguana who shortly after this photograph was struck and killed by a passing car

In any event, I lived several long years in Miami Beach and I have also written about how much it had changed over the twenty five years I lived there. Here I just want to point out several curiosities and some photographs to get you to know a little bit about Miami Beach without being too informative. I would rather let your imagination fill in the blanks. And talking about blanks, the skies above us in Miami Beach are an incredible canvas…

The Sun…

In Miami Beach I painted, I did music, I wrote songs and I had a great time…in the late nineties and early two thousands…but after 2005, it got too corporate and too ritzy for my taste. I came home to Europe, to Spain and to Valencia…

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this short article and my photographs. If you did, please hit that like button, follow and share and always I always encourage your comments.

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  1. Passport Overused · October 23, 2019

    Great post ūüėä

  2. ourcrossings · October 23, 2019

    Just look at that gorgeous blue sky – absolutely love it.

  3. Seraja · October 24, 2019

    Great post

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