Life in Miami at the end of the XXth Century and the start of the XXIst…

(Looking south towards Collins Avenue, South Beach)

I lived in Miami in the late nineties and in Miami Beach…just across Biscayne Bay…in the early two thousands…

There I recorded some music and painted some pictures that I’ve exhibited all over the world…

I put together a group that I called the Abstract Jazz Arrangement, preferably called simply AJA. We recorded some nice funky sounds. Here is a video clip that I made with some of my photographs of New Orleans and which also includes my graphic work, meaning drawings and paintings and the soundtrack is AJA doing my song “Yaya”…

I used to compose music, write songs, sing and play the guitar in those days. On this song you just heard, I want to thank and recognise the great work of a well known South Florida percussionist, Rey “Conga” Diaz, from Hialeah, Florida. I think he still lives in that suburb of Miami, so if you want to hear some great Cuban percussion, look him up, I am sure he is still playing somewhere and probably active on social media…

These were my first paintings, which happily sold at my first expo in Istanbul in 2003…

Then I painted these others that same year and created my Studio & Gallery, Omnia Caelums Studios of Art Miami…

I have to also say that I went through several “evolutions” while in Miami…

In the music world I was Simon, then Bakero for a while, then Bodo Vespaciano, which became the trademark for my artwork produced up to 2018. It was a wonderful experience and I really enjoyed creating some of the things that launched me in my career. I met some of the most wonderful people that I have ever met in my life in Miami Beach, including my wife and her mother, whom I both dearly love. And of course, the many friends, musicians, and artists with whom I worked and created.

Those years were very good, especially in Miami Beach. There were galleries and live music venues everywhere. Lamentably, that is all gone now. There is hardly a trace of what South Beach was like from the late nineties and early 2000’s. Now the galleries have been replaced with corporate stores and the live music venues with nothing…

I am glad I left Miami, but I still remember those years fondly.

Here’s to you, Old Times!

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  1. pam@ichoosethis · October 21, 2019

    how lucky are you to be sooo artistic??? love the video and the song!

  2. MDS · October 21, 2019

    Those were the days…..
    I love you very much too
    Keep up the fantastic work…

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