…Lived Beneath the Waves…

Pinturas sobre lienzo  The Beatles - Yellow Submarine Bold

Those lyrics are from “Yellow Submarine” by Lennon & McCartney and since it is fifty years since the “death” of Beatle Paul, I decided to put forth a “clue” that is hardly talked about.

In the song it says, “So we sailed up to the sun, ’till we found a sea of green, and we lived beneath the waves, in our yellow submarine.” This is a clear indication that Paul died and was buried. Here is the explanation that I have heard.

The “sea of green” is a cemetery, a garden style cemetery where the dearly departed are buried beneath the green grass. Ergo a “sea of green” and the dead “live” beneath in their boxes, clearly one could see there a “yellow submarine”. Although we all know that submarines…as the word itself implies…function under the water not under the earth. So the dead are buried in something akin to a “submarine”, which in effect, is nothing more than a travelling life support system because the occupants could not survive under the surface of the sea, would be a coffin, which keeps the body of the deceased encased and protected.

So, how much clearer can it be? The clues say it all and after all, this clue, added to all the others could only mean one thing, that Paul McCartney died in 1966, that the Beatles lied to the world, that they felt guilty and left clues and then denied it all, that an impostor was called in to replace Paul and that such a bloke was just like Paul, sounded like him, acted like him and was as talented and played the bass and the guitar with his left hand.


Resultado de imagen de paul mccartney

Best of luck Macca…for a dead man, after all these years you’ve only lost your voice…


  1. luisa zambrotta · October 13, 2019


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