Valencia’s Malvarosa Beach

Spring of 2019 at Malvarrosa Beach, Valencia

I was born on the water…the sea…the Sea, I would say…and I love living close to the water, where I can see it, smell it, touch it and let it touch me…

That is why I love Valencia…

The Mediterranean is my sea. It was the Mare Nostrum of the Romans, our sea, that lay in the middle of the world. And the Roman world extended to the end of the world, Finis Terra in Galicia, north-western Spain…

So I wanted to share some pics of our most popular beach, La Malvarrosa, right here in Valencia. It is an urban beach that has existed since 1848, like the sector of the city where it is located. One of our great painters, Joaquin Sorolla made beautiful paintings of scenes at the beach of Malvarrosa. The beach area is 1.800 metres long. It is separated by a bridge from the next beach in the Valencia coastline, the Patacona Beach.

Malvarrosa also has a super Passeig Maritim, a pedestrian street filled with restaurants, bars and shops right across from the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

When you visit Valencia, hopefully soon, this is a place you cannot miss…


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  1. Nurul Fitri Lubis · October 11, 2019

    Beautiful sea, Francisco. I saw that there are still many people swimming in the sea. Isn’t it cold, considering the fall season is already there..

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · October 11, 2019

      We are experiencing a rather long extension of summer…so people are taking advantage of the summer weather…

  2. pedmar10 · October 11, 2019

    Nice indeed been there few times!

  3. Mizou · October 11, 2019

    I ‘m someone who loves sea and beach too much ! Like you, I was born in a city by the sea ! Thanks for sharing !

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · October 11, 2019

      I guess for people like us being by the sea is a love and a necessity…thank you so much!

      • Mizou · October 11, 2019

        You’re most welcome !

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