Coming Back to Valencia!

Well, leaving my little paradise in the Aegean…Turkish Aegean coast…was not easy but it was necessary. Chesme is a summer place and in the post season there is hardly anything open there and neither a thing to do. So it was time to go, after all, most of my friends and acquaintances as well as the people from my condo community had already left or were leaving, so staying was not an option.

In any event it was a lovely holiday and the three months seemed to have flown by. By the time I left the weather had cooled considerably and it was time to bring out the jumpers and the blankets, so the beach was already something out of the question.

Returning to Spain, was a four legged journey (see pic hehehe…). Well, what I mean there were four parts to it. First leg, the airport, about an hour and a half by car. We hired company to transfer us. The second leg was the flight from Izmir (Aegean Coast major city) to Istanbul. That took close to one hour. We arrived at Istanbul’s new airport, purported to be the largest in the world, and although the flight, Turkish Airlines…a very good airline I must say…was prompt and timely, it took almost thirty extra minutes to taxi to the gate. I guess there are some drawbacks to such a huge airport…

The third was the longest for it included the three and a half hour flight from Istanbul to Valencia. We flew Turkish Airlines for it was the only airline that flew direct to Valencia and did it twice a day for five days a week. So it was very convenient and very economical.

The flight was pleasant enough but we received an added bonus. The plane had to circle for a landing and we got the benefit of being given a lovely aerial tour of our city, the surrounding countryside, the mountains and the smaller towns and suburbs that surround the city of Valencia. And of course arriving in the Comunitat Valenciana is quite easy and fast, flash your passport to the Border Police and you are back in the UE, happy, safe and relaxed.

The fourth was a cab ride home. It took about twenty minutes at the max as Valencia’s airport is in town. Convenient. But it was Sunday afternoon and everything is closed in Valencia. Not too convenient. However, not a problem, just a short walk, about one kilometre, to the Consum Express (always open, thank God!), and got a bottle of water…I also picked up a bottle of wine from our region, Utiel-Requena…and some snacks to hold us over until dinner. Dinner time begins at 2130 hours. You can decide whether you like eating so late or not but it is a centuries old tradition here.

So now that I am back in my hometown, my home and my studio I am also back at work. I have an expo to prepare for that will open at the end of this week, that being Friday, the Fourth of October (2019). It will be a small expo here in the neighbourhood of Ruzafa (Russafa in Valenciano) at Bar Gallery Trentatres. If anyone is in the neighbourhood, you are invited, especially those who actually live in Valencia, I am sure they will know the place I am talking about on Calle de Sueca (Carrer de Sueca in Valenciano)…the expo will be for one month, maybe more…

But since I know most of you are not living in Valencia, I will post some of the paintings and drawings I will exhibit to see what you think of the expo. This will be my first public expo since the Spring of 2017.

If you would like to see a more complete catalogue of my artwork, please visit my Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera and for the online galleries of “JaZzArt en Valencia” please visit and my YouTube channel.

Here is a sample of “JaZzArt en Valencia” Expo #1:

The top three are drawings with graphite on paper, all 27,9×35,6cm in size and the three underneath are various sizes but all larger than 40x50cm

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N.B. The photograph above, shows a horse drawn carriage. That was not my way back home. That was last June in Sevilla!



  1. Sheree · September 30, 2019

    A part of you must be glad to be home. Good luck with the exhibition.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 30, 2019

      Thanks so much Sheree and yes I am glad to be home! Summer holidays are fine and spending them in a small town next to the sea is heavenly but I really miss the city!

  2. cindy knoke · September 30, 2019

    Your artwork is wonderful!

  3. pedmar10 · October 1, 2019

    Beautiful pictures are they yours? My late aunt was from El Saler and visited often back then many years back. Now just went in 2016-2017 with the family in tow to Valencia.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · October 1, 2019

      Yes, all the pics and artwork is mine. I am now living in Valencia and I love it and I must start getting to know the entire Comunitat. Thank you! Are you from Madrid?

      • pedmar10 · October 1, 2019

        Tenerife had lived in Madrid. And citizen of 4 countries!!!

      • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · October 1, 2019

        Wow! Wonderful places…

      • pedmar10 · October 1, 2019

        Thank you

      • pedmar10 · October 1, 2019

        Great artwork indeed!

  4. da-AL · October 1, 2019

    Gorgeous! Welcome home 🙂

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