I Went to War and then A Seagull

I went to war on St. John’s eve,

no summer’s rain, no summer’s breeze,

I thought I heard, above the clouds,

a voice that spoke but not too loud and said, “don’t leave.”

But should I listen to the wind?

I flew inside a firefly that roared then tumbled from the sky…

My ears were shattered with the thunder

while a million rays of light

that had shattered the dark night

broke the wings of our firefly.

Eventually, everything dies…

my eyes witnessed a circus in the air,

and then tree branches everywhere

and dust and grass and close, close friends,

floated and then disappeared again,

And then I vanished among trees…

I felt the pain of wounded knees,

As I walked to where I did not know, searching for destiny.

A river flowed silently towards me.

I wondered where my friends could be…

And far above me, above the trees

I saw a seagull watching me.

I saw and thought her wings were steel,

her feet machine guns,

Loaded with bullets that will burn and peel

away your skin and blood from bones, some things heal,

others never will.

As the bird flew circles neath the sun, I thought of home…

The seagull circled once alone

then another one beside her

tilted her head, her eyes were fire and flew towards me,

gaining speed in a deadly dive,

and I, now barely alive,

saw a falcon racing towards her

spitting fire from its beak

breaking the seagull’s white steel wings.

And with the strength that imminent death inspires

I started to crawl far from the fires

that had started to surround me.

One step and one more inch towards shelter

Beneath the canopy of green

I closed my eyes and thought if only this could be a dream

I would be home and sleeping,

while from everywhere my blood is seeping and the night

is as dark as a midnight sun, black against a clear blue sky.

And then some hands came forth to grab me,

they seemed so kind, so strong and clean

and I thought, yes, a dream,

I’ve often dreamed of seagulls it seems

and of fireflies tumbling from the sky

on St. John’s Eve, of summer’s gone by…

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