VALENCIA, My Blood-Red Orange, it’s Magic!

On the Spanish Mediterranean coast…la Costa de Valencia has the sea to the east and mountains to the west. There are many blue flag beaches in the vicinity and beautiful beaches as well in the capital itself, like Patacona and Malvarrosa. But I want to show you some of the magic that you will find in the city of Valencia, not just in the summertime but in the other fantastic season of the year, the festival of the Fallas.

This year it was a grand spectacle, as usual and I would invite you to plan for next March to come and see it for yourself. If you’ve never been to Valencia during the Fallas, you have never witnessed something so unique. Instead of trying to describe it to you with facts (that you can easily look up), I’ll show you some of the wonderful works of art that were on display all around Valencia.

These sculptures of wood and plaster are worked on all year long by artists, carpenters and artisans in an area of the city of Valencia known as “Ciudad Fallera.” The grand finale of the Fallas is on the night of the 19th of March, the Feast day of St. Joseph, the Patron Saint of carpenters. That night all the fallas…there were 800 this year all around the city of Valencia…burn!

But there is no need for alarm as not a single incident of damage due to fire was reported. The Fire Department of Valencia is very skilled and prepared to safely allow for the torching of the fallas. And F.Y.I. “fallas” comes from the latin and means “torches.” So all these beautiful sculptures you see below, burned last March 19th, now all there is of these magnificent works of art are pictures and many memories.

I did not want to leave out that summer is most certainly a fabulous time here in Valencia. Naturally, it has to be, for we have the Mediterranean Sea and many great beaches. Not just in the city of Valencia. The Comunitat Valenciana has three provinces: Castellon, to the north, Valencia in the centre and Alicante to the south. Alicante has the Costa Blanca, with famous places like Benidorm. Castellon has the Costa Azahar, with historic, beautiful towns like Peniscola and Benicasim. And in my Valencia…the Costa Valenciana…we have the nearby Port de Sagunt, with an increduble blue flag beach famous all over Europe. And right here in the capital there is La Malvarrosa, Patacona and Cabanyal.

Mare Nostrum kisses the sands of Port de Sagunt

And in the city of Valencia…

Playa de la Malvarrosa, Valencia

Valencia has everything other more popular Spanish cities have, (and by the by, we are the third city in Spain in population and importance). But let’s keep Valencia our secret, because life here…as well as tourism…is much cheaper! I definitely think it is worth a visit. And although in this piece I am concentrating only showing pictures of the more historic and ancient sites, structures and places, there is a modern Valencia, which in the next episode you will see.

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I am an artist living and working in Valencia. If you would like to see some of my drawings and paintings, please visit my 2019 online galleries of my collection “JaZzArt en Valencia” at and as well you can see many more of my artwork visiting my Instagram @Francisco_Bravo_Cabrera



  1. maristravels · September 18

    I have been to Cesme and Izmir on holiday and love them both. The Turkish people I found to be incredibly hospitable and I still recall the lovely yoghurts and cucumbers sold from carts in the street. Mind you, that was many years ago and perhaps hygiene laws have ruled these out now. I also love Valencia, in fact, it shares with Seville the title of ‘favourite cities in Spain’. I had a Spanish friend who lived in Valencia until recently and I used to spend a week or two every year there. The beach is fabulous as are the restaurants along the beach, paella has to be eaten here if you are to know what it should be like, and the City of Arts and Sciences is a marvel and one I visit every time I’m in Valencia. I hope it doesn’t become overrun with tourists. I’m selfish, I know, but I like it as it is.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 18

      I live in Valencia and share that feeling of not wanting my city overrun with tourists. Now we receive a little over three million tourists/year and it’s quite enough. However, we are and always will be friendly to all who visit Valencia. In Chesme there is a man selling pickle juice from a small cart but no yoghourt is sold in the streets that I’ve seen. Thanks so much for your comments and I hope you keep returning to Valencia.

  2. maristravels · September 18

    I forgot to say, I love your art. As a jazz fan I’m especially interested. I recently returned from New Orleans with some new pictures so unfortunately, at the moment, I can’t find wall room for any more. However, I shall recommend your site to other friends.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · September 18

      Thanks so much! Really appreciate it. When we lived in Florida we went to Jazz Fest in New Orleans every year from 1999 thru 2017. Love that city, the food, the culture, the French Quarter and especially the Jazz!

  3. POETAS EN LA NOCHE · November 8

    Hola Francisco, a mi también me encanta Valencia, he estado varias veces, aunque mi lugar de veraneo es Villajoyosa, pero en Valencia viven mis sobrinas y vamos allí de vez en cuando.
    Es una ciudad que ha crecido en muchos aspectos.
    La Malvarrosa es una gran playa, su arena fina y sus aguas cálidas invitan al baño.
    Me ha gustado mucho tu entrada.
    Algunas cosas las he entendido en inglés, otras he tenido que recurrir a Google.
    Un abrazo.

    • Francisco Bravo Cabrera · November 8

      Muchas gracias y te agradezco mucho la participación…para mi es imprescindible tener el mar cercano y además playas tan buenas como las nuestras en Valencia…así que te doy toda la razón y un saludo

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