I was looking at a picture I took of the rising sun over my little bay in the Aegean Sea, where I spend most of my summers, and thinking about an article I read by a fellow blogger and WordPress colleague, Rashidul. huda. The article…a very good one which I recommend…was about time, the passage of time, the philosophy and the science of time and the first thing that came to my mind was the song “Time is on my side,” by the Rolling Stones.

Sunrise over the Aegean Sea

The day I took this photograph I got up…early…and sat on my balcony. At first there was just a brilliant glow over the mountains in the distance. The sun was not visible. Then centimeter by centimeter a little sliver of bright orange began to peer over the tops of the mountains, until that brilliant ball arose majestically in the distant sky.

Is this the passage of time? The movement of things in our world? Nature? Growing old? Growing wise? Looking at how the sun creates an orange pathway over the waters. It disappears after time has passed. Is this time?

“Time is on My Side” was not the only song that came to my mind. I remembered an old song from back in the seventies by a band called The Marmalade, called “Reflections of My Life.” In this song, which I think is a sad song about the end of a relationship, or the passage of time, the singer says: “The changing of sunlight to moonlight…” then he says, “all my sorrow, sad tomorrow, take me back to my old home.”

Can we go back? Thoughts take us back to wherever we fancy. Is the changing of sunlight to moonlight the same as two ships passing in the night? Can a “sad tomorrow” resulting from a bad experience be collateral damage caused by the passage of time?

I’ve concluded that time can be many things, at the same time. It’s poetry, romance, beauty, a memory or memories. The song “As Time Goes By” which also came to mind, suggests that time is love. Time is also personal. We live in the time of our pleasing, the time of our happiness or the time of our sorrow. This is my time. No, you’re on company time. “No time left for this,” said the Guess Who…

Can time take us back to where we were if while there we were vanishing with the passage of time? Is there a place back there at all? Is there time? Was time the thief that stole my mother’s memories? Or are memories only a fantasy? Do memories exist only in our collection of photographs? Or are memories in our mind? And is there time withing the vaulty chambers of our mind? Is it passing in there or just biding its time? Is time passing, or are we the ones running from reality and rotting away in our own ideas, in our own thoughts and in our own self-indulgence?

I may or may not have answers but it doesn’t matter because all I can think of are questions. As I get older time seems to become less and less important. It’s a consolation. And there are other things that can wipe away the confusion about time. Like one of the wisest men on American television, Homer Simpson said, “Here’s to alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.”



  1. william · August 15

    beautiful photography friend.

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